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Last week fell and reached a pandemic low. Initial unemployment claims dropped to 310,000. Meanwhile, what's going on in our restaurants last month payrolls declined by 42,000 Elizabeth Buchwald at Market Watch. Profiles of pizza Shop in Stephenville, Texas, about 100 miles southwest of Dallas. Elizabeth set this up. So I spoke to a restaurant owner in Texas who has been trying to fill at least five positions on and off for about a year now, and she's saying that people just aren't applying or the ones that do they ghost them for interviews, they quit on the first day. So it's been nearly impossible to just fill these jobs. And as a result, they actually had to close last week for a bunch. When two workers had to sit out who are exposed to Covid and one was on vacation. They simply couldn't manage without So these folks said To a certain extent, it's easy to hire. It's more difficult to hire good people are they not able to find really So in the past, they always said that it was, as you said, it's easy to hire people but harder to find good people. Now they're just not getting people coming in the door at all. You know they're used to people quitting. It's just the nature of the industry. That they've never had this experience where they're struggling to find workers. The restaurant I spoke to works right outside of college campus of about 14,000 undergraduates, so that's usually at the prime Location for for employees to work part time. What's their theory? Elizabeth as to why They are. Out of theories. They thought it might have been unemployment benefits. But those expired in Texas about two months ago. Um they thought it might be Delta. But at the same time they're noticing that people in the area aren't quite taking it that seriously. They're going to bars. You know, they're not really masking. So you know, that's not really what's going on there. They think maybe people just don't want to work altogether. Jeez, we're speaking with Elizabeth Buchwald, Personal finance reporter at Market Watch. She's got a good story entitled why The restaurant industry created no new jobs last month, and it's not like there's a lack of demand, right people going out. Oh, my goodness. There is so much demand. People want to get out. They've been cooking for years. Now, at least a year and a half at home or doing take out the idea of going out when you're vaccinated as something people want to do badly, and the restaurant industry is just struggling to keep up with that. It's a problem. Across states. There's a theory to among some that if you have A problem finding bodies. You also have a payment problem like you're not paying people enough. Do they find that that could be an issue. So I asked them not directly because a lot of industries have found that you know, it's not so you know, it's not so unheard of that you increase wages and more people will apply, but they didn't actually increase wages because They are paying more than other restaurants in the area that do the tipped wage. Um, but certainly again, others have found that offering sign on bonuses or just simply increasing above minimum wage has been successful, but You have to remember. At the same time. The restaurant industry has struggled a lot throughout the pandemic with closures and the lot can't afford to increase wages, but at the same time, need the labor, so they're in a difficult position there. Thanks. Elizabeth. Elizabeth Buchwald at Market Watch, 30 minutes after the hour on this morning, America's first news I want.

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