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Cosette is just so much parking and noisy. Yelling. Our role is to take three steps back and discern. What really matters Sean Hannity. The most important thing that we do. We are looking out for the forgotten men and women in this country. Laura Ingram, they're going to get a straight shooter no-holds-barred, I'm not gonna cut people slack. Fox's the one place for dissent is allowed. We have voices. We won't be silent. Who controls my voice? Nobody wants news channel real news. Real honest. Tough talk from Defense Secretary James Mattis concerning. Russia's aggression in Ukraine is further highlighted by Russians brazen contempt and dismissal of their two thousand three agreement with Ukraine that allowed both Russian and Ukrainian ships free. Passage through the Kerch strait an agreement brazenly violated last weekend getting back to normal. That's the main concern in Alaska after Friday's earthquake officials are still assessing the damage in Anchorage and will be for at least the next couple of days. This was a powerful magnitude seven earthquake center just ten miles north of Anchorage the shaky lasted for over a minute when it was over. Several roads were severely damaged ridges crumbled water mains bursts, sending water into the frozen streets. Gas lines broke starting some house fires there were some rockslides. A NAMI warning was issued. But later cancelled the Ted Stevens airport was shut down for a time. Doodle power outage. It is now fully open. Some forty thousand people are still without power. It is a big concern with temperatures in the twenties. Fox's Jonathan hunt. Big tech question who gets the ticket when the car drives itself? A driver fell asleep at the wheel early Friday near Palo Alto, California. Alexander's Sandik nodded off in his self driving. Tesla officers of the California Highway Patrol spotted him doing seventy around three thirty A M police pulled alongside the driver who was unresponsive cops then pulled in front of the self driving car to slow it down. It took about seven miles before the forty-five-year-old woke up and came to a stop at a gas station Samec who's chair of the Los Altos planning commission failed a field sobriety test and was arrested and charged with DUI officer. Art Montiel of the HP says there's a lesson here. Just because there.

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