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Can people so I've only ever known as molly when you when you take molly you with friends and you're hugging because you get cold sweaty Dan Mintz was on and he did this show and it was great and then B J Novak was on he did was great and it was just gave you pretty much the run thing where he black come and watch me at the comedy store and we'd sit in the back and watch eight thousand people in the room it's not like the comedy store now and we'd sit in the back and he let me see how long let's just turn it up please you know and not really be set starting and then you know I was at the remember the one time he says I was at the thing you know and the He handed me the camera guys cameras care Oriole take it and he handed me the guy's camera and I like went out to reach to take it and I held I'm like pulling it's not like Yankee or anything just like holding these looks at me in the eye and he holds it for about a count of one two three dairyman the eye and then let's go and then I'm like this imagine this new door guide the Comedy Store Angels Clay Guy Listened to it sleep away camp at the student union high school like staring at me the fact that he even knows my name is amazing staring at me and I'm like okay that was weird and then so I lined up the picture and the I smiled and I took it but a hidden I felt like there was something I was supposed to do right so when I took the picture Ooh look what was that fucking look this is a guy who used to have people sign autographs for him like guess autograph and then we give it to eleanor's my name so they will get a non dice dice autograph and he's looking at me I felt like he was saying something to me so I took a bad sure took it on purpose bad I cut I cut them out and then afterwards it the picture and I didn't know if I did that right or not I didn't know what I was supposed to do and they left and then it comes up to me and he goes did you get me in at all Mike no because I think I'm I'm on his wavelength now he helped train me as a troll dice and I'm like no I cut you out a little bit of your your right ear and then most of their face means like good boy and I did it right he fucking spoke to me through his eyes and I did it right and those people get a developed a fuck and failed you know a month later and the stock I took an awful picture fucking Dick Devices Nice guys a Dick Little they know they got trolled by the dice meant guys today on the podcast I have one of the greatest trolls of our time it's a pleasure and an honor to have this guy on his name is Milo Yiannopoulos and you might know him as Dan who has made you angry in the past you might know him for a lot of reasons but I'm going to present to you an idea and I want you to listen with an open mind that ideas this you are miss judging this man again it's going to be hard because I know and we'll talk in this episode we're going to go over what trolling is how you get started in trolling what the the tenants of different roles are his specific style of trolling it's going to be hard because we're all very emotionally based creatures and once we've made decisions on people it's real hard to fuck in change that even actors they had this other study undock doctors they'll they'll they'll they'll be telling you a certain treatment is good for for a problem and then once new medical research comes out and says Oh that actually not good doctors for a moment we'll go okay I'll change and then go right back into prescribing the same treatment even though sciences now shown to be not right because addicted you kind of like a habit forming I don't know what it is a motion over reason so I want you open mind to take in this idea that the reasons you hate this man are because nothing more than he tried to get you to hate him and he succeeded and it's GonNa be tough to admit and we go over it in this episode to like when a troll when he's found out when he knows he's being trolled in this day and age it used to mean oh it's over when people found out that Riley that left wits was was me it was over control them anymore but nowadays people are so addicted to their anger that it still works we went over it in this episode it's God I'm so fucking stoked on this conversation I had over my my house my apartment was like a a month after I moved in this has been on the Patriot only for the last three months if you want to sign up my patriot patriotic dot com slash skeptics. back actually had this episode as my first Patriot offering because I was worried that Patriot was going to censor me based on me putting up something that they didn't like that they deemed improper you know I've been flagged on twitter bunches of times for fucking trying to get people angry at me I've been banned twitter a bunch of times and has been banned from twitter youtube I think all sorts of different accounts all sorts of different accounts because he's gotten people mad at them and they have fucking flagged him so oh I did finish about dice Well I also got to tell you about this but I will tell you that Milo has a weekly show weekly Friday night chatshow starting October twenty fifth on speech dot TV eight PM Fridays on free speech Dot TV that's where he's been relegated to we actually I talked to them like what are you doing control your fucking social media addiction because well one way to control it is to be deep platforms off everything so since patriotdepot platform also because if you miss allred he's been called fucking child molestation Apologised he's four time on guys any time you see a story and you look at Fox that's fucking crazy you're missing something I'm telling you right now the secret you're missing something because generally people aren't crazy homeless people are crazy but people and and and situations are not that crazy if you like what I can't believe that's obsolete I can understand how that can happen well probably there's details being left out I've been driven to anger by things like that before so one thing dice did was he told David Taylor give an introduction but he was extended so so uh who's not dice crowds comic he goes and does so so B. Minus C. Plus and then he goes all right this next man is and they're screaming for dice I mean no they don't want any opener next man is an starts giving this introduction this long introduction what he did this and this and he starts giving his credits and then join Shakespeare was known as one of the greatest writers of our time and Andrew dice clay was one of the greatest comedians of our time in fact Shakespeare's third work and he started Oh and he looks over and dice he's giving the extent sign pulling taffy though like go longer so David goes longer and longer kick regard once uh on on creative arts that we all are are the whatever it is and he's just going longer people start booing up dogs were you doing Brigham Voice soon dies given the extended sign extended ended and he's doing longer and longer and dyson the side just dying laughing extended and he's going longer people who get the focus stood up he's on like four minutes five minutes of introduction to a comedy show and introduction loss between three and nine hundred in seconds he just keeps going and going and they're screaming Adam and dice is a loving it loving it now they've started this fucking Bang on my God damn thing maybe I'll put this away for a minute one of my favorite trolls is What I did for Skank fest two years ago where I found out okay so every trial should have a code of ethics about them how do I even start this because it's an art form trolling perform appear simple it's an art form now you might disagree with the effects that are from has on people which is totally fair to say I don't want trolling in my life it drives me crazy and I don't like it that's totally fair but it's still an art form my ideal for an art form to show you what what is there is this a mass murderer who killed a bunch of people and then splayed out their corpses in like a like a hexagon ical shape he was a death artist he sculpted did he made sculptures out of people's bodies would like pull apart their their their skin and like put them side by side so we like oh it's like he made these beautiful pieces of artwork out of human bodies now murderers pretty obviously that but this guy's art form was sculpting dead bodies and you can say whatever you want about the morals of of doing that of having that as your art form but the fact that this guy was an artist is unchallengeable he's an artist pure and simple and facts a great artist because he's willing to do something for his art that I would never be willing to do which commit murder if I had to commit murder in order to stand up I'm not sure I would so this guy is a pure artist he ran ages dead bodies in a beautiful manner that's what he wants to do with his art form again the damage it caused the people on is just because he has a fucking set of rules and he abides by them and that's what trolling is it's an art form I should tell you real quick my dates I'm going to be in Nashville this weekend Thursday Friday Saturday Fox already Wednesday we're going to be coming up oh man okay so I got the San Jose Improv on the seventh eighth and ninth of November then I'm in Detroit on the fourteenth the Vic Theater in Chicago on November sixteenth and the funny bone liberty at Cincinnati November seventeen th I will I don't know I should have a date for you for the special looking like February now for our you're Ju- which means lucky for a few of the people like in Atlanta and Minneapolis places I haven't played in possibly Hawaii that will be adding dates to fill that time so I can be groove where my special get shot so look for new dates for January maybe something for February I got a second contractor December but anyway back to what trolling is and by the way if you're going to troll well this is the perfect time for this fucking sponsor if you're going to troll on the Internet one way to do that is to.

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