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Margaret in Aberdeen Washington. Hey, Margaret, your thoughts on the state of the union. I'll Hello, Tom. Thank you every champion. You know, I feel like I've been I picked up on a party line from the day. This name to all the comments in originally. I was going to call in and talk about all Durant's and raves. But you know, I feel like we need to stop criticizing all the same states of all the unions. All nations is usually all is. Well, all is good always strong. And but thanks to your pas and broadcasting I I was going to go on and rant about the abortion issue all the issues, but the one last commercial you had what's on your rant on climate change. And that is one that is one topic that never came. Yeah. And but I wish is at alternation. Albany nations would come out and come together and say combine our resources save our planet. We don't want to defeat and destroy the environment. We want to surrender and replenish, everything we Chuck, and I know that sounds a little strange, but. I just wanted to put that out there. Thank you. Yeah. Very well said Margaret, and I agree. The the climate is a huge issue. In fact, it's probably the way we need a planetary address. Yeah. FC agreed Margaret, thank you. I am spot on. And and one of the worst things that Donald Trump has done is take us out of this out of the climate change agreement by the way, I mentioned there was something else. I wanted to read about or or just share with you. Ralph Northam is the governor of Virginia. He's the guy who has black face on his college yearbook. And and I've been calling for him to resign. A lot of other people are calling for him to resign. Then then the next if he leaves the governor would be Justin Fairfax, who's the Lieutenant governor young African American guy who has a great career, but he's been accused of sexual assault. Now, he's saying no this woman who was in his hotel room. I think it was. And he says whatever happened there was consensual and it popped up later, and this is a political hit job and whatnot. But if he doesn't survive that then the next person that the constitution of Virginia says becomes governor is Mark herring. Who is the attorney general? And if it's not Mark herring than it goes to the legislature where they might just pull a name out of a hat, and it might be a Republican. And Mark herring. Just came out and said when he in one thousand nine hundred eighty he wore black face for a skit about something, you know. So this is getting really weird and what's this with black face? And and Virginia is I don't as I said earlier. I I grew up in Michigan. I I knew a black face was I'd seen it on in the cartoons. You know, I've seen it on old Al Jolson, movies and stuff. But I never I literally never to the best of my recollection through all the years. I was in elementary school junior high school high school. I never heard a in college for that matter in Michigan at Lansing community, college and MSU never heard a reference to black face. Never saw anybody. You know, is this something that southern white people? Do I mean, I'm just? If you live in Virginia. Lemme no, I'm just baffled by this. But in any case, this is going to start getting very very weird. And the stakes are very high now for the Democrats in Virginia. So we'll see how it all plays out. Bruce in Franklin park, Illinois, Bruce, what's on your mind today? Oh, thank you. Thank you. Appreciate the show today and every day for sure, thanks. I wanted. I wanted to mention a something that hasn't been mentioned a news mainstream media other media, any of the any of the liberal media is a woman gave birth time in a facility in Amazon facility in Arizona and a bathroom the baby was found dead later by a a janitor later that evening, the woman gave birth her name was Samantha Vivian. And I wanna I wanna expose the fact that everybody that dictum to Amazon, but doesn't see the cruelty behind the Amazon policy sweatshops this woman head south. She had no no other choice, but to go to work give birth in a stall somebody gave her some in her stall on. She's in there for an extended period time. I'm reading right now, Tom she she gave birth and at an extended period time in the bathroom, someone gave her some paper towels because she was bleeding so much. And unfortunately, she left the baby she put for some reason, she put the baby in the bathroom and went back to work left work at three thirty as usual. Yeah. Maybe it was founded that I don't think they, you know. Hey, Bruce, thanks for the call. I don't know what you're talking about here. I'm you know, I I'm not doubting that it's a real story. But I can't say that it is a little uncomfortable having things that salacious beyond my air when I can't verify their truth. But be if if.

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