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The second happy played nearly three minutes. Seventeen seventy goal. The second thirty five thirty one four get our top. The role here for the editors forget within four why they came out and said, hey, guys, we got nothing to lose. Let's just get after Oregon and Oregon is not responded. Dow foregin inbounding the courtroom will Richardson Richard comes back to get it far-right has grid. Jersey of pressure all game long. They're battling a pair of number three's with pre cuts. Showdown Richardson has it offer white behind the left down a seventy white comes right track. Back left back toward Richardson inside a wooden turned had it knocked loose shot clock. Expires in Oregon. The eight years four should turnover out of time out. Oregon just cannot get a good shot and wooden really offensively is not a part of this thing at all. Head eaters during the season the fifth best defensive field goal percentage. A division. One allowed the twenty four fewest points per game. UCI with it. Colorado the baseline Galloway outside hazard pull up for the foul. Chazar? The editors in to. The seasons. The age sixteen to go on a second is a different basketball team in the second half. They are playing with confidence getting way better shots than Oregon. Stash deflected coming our way out of bounds. It'll stay with Oregon. Coming right at our producer. Eric comes who was looking to put up a shot immediately. Fortunately, it hit the table. We did have to see that. There's Richardson out of the right wing. Screed five shoot down the late book shoot shot won't fall guys for the board out the printer three tags to the right Galloway flies to get the rebound for you can tie or take the lead with a three. They were down twelve at the half. Oregon yet to score the second half we played four and a half minutes Rutherford on the white block against charge hook. Eaters. Twenty to go in the second Pritchard try to split double team. But he got tripped up for fouled. The little chairs come out. Well, nothing run by his feeling that the crowd is responding. They love the underdog break in the action. Fifteen twenty to go in the second. You see.

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