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And I saw a concourse full hundreds and hundreds of Americans, singing songs and chanting and patriotic slogans, and that was one of the most beautiful things I saw that evening was a circle of Orthodox Jews with key pause on and sits US hanging out. Celebrating in Glee over Muslims coming into our country. I get chills now when I think about the beauty of these people who lived there values I believe fundamentally that before you tell me about your religion, show it to me and how you treat other people. I still remember them linking arms dancing like I was at a Jewish wedding. That's how much joy they found in strangers in greeting strangers because they were once strangers in a strange land. So there will always be darkness. There was always be bigotry. I. Don't think we ever think that we've snuffed it out. We must remain always vigilant, but what will define the character of this country what will define the Jewish people in the black people who are interwoven into the fabric of America? What will define is how we respond to that darkness. Weeks ago, we had the privilege of speaking with the Black Secretary of the Smithsonian Money Bunch. We asked him this question. Might look you instead. What inequality here's an incredibly accomplished respected senator who worked hard in one election after election. To some you are. Right on a bunch bunches proof Barack. Obama is proof that there are no longer boundaries or issues of access in America. What you stated that. Well Look I. Don't Know Folks WanNa Point to me as somehow to relieve us of the burden to deal with the enduring racial challenges of our country, and my experiences alone show me that we can do so much better when I got to the United. States Senate I was shocked, it was the least diverse place I ever worked. And the and Brian shots a great senator, Jewish senator, and I went to Chuck Schumer Great Senator also happen to be Jewish, and three of US said we gotta do something about this and we decided. To have every Democratic senator have to publish their diversity statistics well guess what's happened since is since then you've seen a lot more people of color hire. and which is important to me, because this body is making laws and places like the Judiciary Committee that disproportionately seem to impact black and Brown people. And so I think that anybody who wants to say that somehow we're in a post. Racial Society needs to look at the data and look at the evidence from the criminal justice system to environmental injustice to our economy to our healthcare system and see that when you control for other factors, that race is still very dominant influence in what kind of healthcare you'll get what?.

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