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The bbc's website you're listening to the bbc world service trial by media is one thing someone's reputation being question in public before they have their day in court the trial by social media while it's increasingly a problem as people comment on line about ongoing criminal proceedings so much so that in the uk the government is considering a change of the law to stop it happening the newsroom jonathan blake is here to tell us more a jonathan woods prompted this well it is a concern in the uk that increasingly people are getting a trial by social media as well as the justice proceedings in court and there was a particular case in two thousand and fourteen when a murder trial had to be stopped though the judge who is presiding over it because so many people in the local area were posting about what was happening on line two teenagers were eventually convicted of murdering a woman in northeast england only after a second trial was held in other parts of the country and so the concern is that if post attracts a lot of attention online jerry's who off kohl supposed to be independence and they're already warned to avoid media coverage of a trial could see them and the influence than the result would not be a fair trial for whoever was in course because for a lot of people now social media of course has replaced radio tv and newspapers and as the uk attorney general jeremy right explains it may be time for the justice system to catch up i think we have to live with the prominence of social meteor in our daily lives and i think the colt system has to accept that it has to work around that but if you take the example of jurists who are doing their very best to comply with the instructions a judge has given them i think we have to accept that off king jurors over trials that may take weeks not just days never to look at social media when it may be such an integral part of their daily lives is unrealistic and if they're looking at social media not looking deliberately four in a thing about.

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