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You do you say off Mike, you say I hate that guy so much ploys you've found out stuff about his family. And another IP address, you sent them awful things. Got a few burner accounts. For just such an occasion. No, No. I like, I like Elias. I'd like to see him in the mix every time. He it's sort of not not to the extent of some guys. But it does feel like there's a little stop start with them. You know, like sometimes he's just the Qatar guy. And then once in a while he's getting thrown into a match where? You're like, oh, they're like they're putting them in with some guys. You know? Yeah. And they destroyed one of his guitar. It was either stark eight or of raw listen, man, probably has racks and racks, you know, but they haven't destroyed at least that I've seen he's been working. Fender electric acoustic. Okay. Yeah. There's more than one of those. That's not a one of this. Not it's not a one of a kind of ski or. Stratovarius strata, Vince. Is that from your Michigan as like oh strategies hot so good? There's a great show about Michigan that you should watch. I'll be the judge of that. Have you seen it? Nobody talking about. What's that show called in? Michigan like a really good super funny. Oh detroiters. No, Flint town on Netflix that one there is one called Flint town yellow, it's not it's a doc documentary. It's funny how terrifying it as. Do you know what it's like in Flint like I've been to Flint many times not in the last five years. You can have a breaking and entering actively happening at your place, and you call the police, and they'll come twenty three hours later because they're working they're working calls in order of importance. Well, there I mean there's been times when the Detroit police Ford said come at your own risk. We can't protect you. There's a lot of different areas where you there first in line with your I was like Finally, I can get some work done. Flee charcoal haircut. Beg black axes on the back of your hands. Like this. Much more recently than though, really. Now, let me ask you Monday night. Raw brawn, we cut the Braun in his possible bed awaiting surgery notice that hospital room a lot like dean's hospital room to there were sharing room, man. I hope so I mean what a missed opportunity not pan out and have to like the curtain is dividing the room. But they don't know who's on each some real low voice, motherfuckers next door for my sponge band. Yeah. He's not wearing a shirt or anything. He's. It was a decision artistically or medically that Braun have nipple rings in as he waited for surgery was at a situation where they're like, no no extra metal in the absolutely the chance for infection. And I just heard this said last night in that movie on Netflix called the mayor wits stories. Okay. Do you remember that or don't with its by Noah baumbach, Adam Sandler? Territories. Chan for infection goes up in any hospital situation, blasts and some steel bars your nets strike wound is closed. What's the diff? What's that? I mean, it's not like, it's an open wound. Right. We're not taking chances. Okay. All right. It's still there. Zap dick you're in a heap. Trouble and subject, that's a good band band. And we're not even really mentioning the fact that we're not sure if his nipple rings Brown strums nipple rings, any has them if you're new to the show, we talk a lot about this kind of stuff. They could be bullets, and he may have used them. Can you imagine in a movie? Oh my God. You're like do. I have the one WWE ring left. To make my day. Films and these like looks like you're out of bullets. Bush..

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