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What do Tinder Ben and Jerry's and Wells Fargo have in common their all iconic businesses founded by regular people so how they do it. Where did they go wrong. Where'd they right. And how can you you start your own iconic business. Do you have to meet when you were kids like Ben and Jerry what if you all end up hating each other like the founders of tinder or what if one partner wants to hit the road and the other wants to stay home home Henry Wells and William Fargo. I'm Dana Barrett host of the new IHEART podcast bizarre affi listening subscribe on Apple podcast the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts outcasts bobby bones post show pre show I was looking at Raymundo and Raimondo and I work communicating Morgan number two sometimes starts communicating back to me when I'm not talking to her and I'm like we got our whole communication law because she is right in the eyesight of Raymundo and remote in our like talking to the glass and Morgan number two jump smells like yeah I think so too. What does she even talking about. It's a weird thing here. <hes> these is so close together. Morgan feels like you're always looking at me and now that's fine. I can also look at her all the time it she'll just looking at Ray. I just WANNA stare stare at her yeah. It'd be nothing <hes> what's up everybody. We just finished Thursday show. <hes> tomorrow is going to be good though if you listen to tomorrow just more will be tomorrow so hopefully you'll check that out. I I'll say we should start with the target story and Amy's kids <hes> and I was watching watching your instagram story last night and your son farted so loud on your instagram story right on your phone. He's really into doing that yesterday now. Is that just a boy thing. You think it's hilarious. I don't know did you. Yes I mean I mean. My daughter gets a little bit annoyed by now but she'll laugh with him but does she do it <hes> yeah but she just kind of owns. It doesn't make a big deal about it like he does it and I'll just be like oh my stomach and then he when we're in public public now he were target going down the aisle and he'll do it and then people will be shopping on the same aisle and now he just looks at them. He's like sorry sorry that my mom. It's awesome like it's not me so then I sound like I'm the thirty eight year old long like being like it wasn't me and then the people are like. Ok sure you know so. What do you do to stop a kid from farting. I mean well. We've it's gotten to the point where like it's one of those things where sometimes even though it is fun. We don't want to be party poopers <music> but he has to like leave the room and go to the bathroom and shut the door and do it and then he can come back out. I know I know because but then Dan I don't really so uptight about it because it does make him laugh so hard that I don't want to always make him like excuse himself go to the bathroom. Come back I was. I'm not a big farther like not not for attention right. I don't even think it's that funny but during the minority I know but that being said I was an uber yesterday and just forget. It's not my car sometimes and so I'm back and I'm at the back room back corner. That's the name of the new Eddie Right back where that corner and the I don't want to Uber Down because they want to drive down to possibly get a parking spot so I call Uber and picks me up and get in and I just sit back and the guy has turned on some them to Nineties playlist and is counting crows and I'm just like man this is cool loud and it looks back and you can't just act like it was nothing and I remember thinking to myself itself. Why would I do that. I feel like it's my car. I it's not but I just had that feeling like all right. Let me just like nobody nineties. playlists made you feel also comfortable. The the was funny and I did it and if you don't act like it's a big deal. Nobody cares right. I was just like Yep and he's in songs one nine to another and I'm like man. This is my jams. It looks back at me. He goes the nineties. Were good to me man. You're like what does that mean. I didn't yeah no it imagine the morning follow up because I put on my uber APP like how much talking to you want and I always put little. I'll take a little by trying to go into a docu series. The Big Talker and options wants scroll to the most mighty. We look and see what the options for. The most talking talks a lot like good. Oh at a massage once they gave me that option and one of the options was talk your face off like nope like that. The talk a lot about describing you talk. You're facing now the Mike when you get that. Will you read it on the screen for me. <hes> have all this stuff on my screen here to talk about that. We didn't get to today on the show and some things that like we didn't talk about the farting thing because I didn't want to put it out on the I mean people could could be eating breakfast and yeah. The kids would've loved it. We'll hit it occasionally but right but the main point is. I need to get him to stop like outing saying it's. It's me in public when it's not that's pretty funny. That's pretty awesome actually going. I had mentioned but I'll kind of share this because some people wonder what what's happened in the Morgan number one. She now works over with my management team and yesterday we sat in a room. We had you text me about this yesterday to like. How Did you vision meeting go. I'm there's mostly about touring and three and stuff like that that kind of weighing doing T._v. Shows all the stuff we're just it's kind of kind of getting offers to do things now and so it was the first time that she had been in a meeting instead of she'll be good kind of owning it a little bit so <hes> worked with her yesterday. We're still interviewing. I think they may have called people and told them they didn't make the shortlist because that's all Mike Signs Post. He sent his resume resume. The joke is I guess that'd make short list. I got the call. Oh you didn't and he didn't make sure this never never produced a radio show right. He applied as a joke yeah. He's in a really really long resume. That's that's amazing and it was like three quarters. Israel resume funny stuff to God and he put me as a reference to get to me and it was like references. He put me as a reference. He's funny <hes> yeah so he do. You have my number if you saw the same phone number is shit see if he's available. It's a teacher sure. I don't know if you can answer the phone. I'd put him on the PO. Show pre show. He's a professor is a professor <hes> which is crazy. I'm more than a teacher. Yes I think so. It's a college college teacher right. Do you need more schooling for that. I don't think so okay. I think it's going to be a masters for the most part to be a college teacher the teacher he's an educator educator educate. Probably the universal were by Professor College. I think you could even call. Some people. Professors in high school like people have been there for a long time. I don't know maybe you should learn. Maybe he knows the difference. Mike signs well. Get on <hes> also get him on and if you can answer let me know Raimondo but he didn't get a call so we have have you know five or six people that we're talking to to bring him in <hes> someone's asking what we don't promote somebody here internally. We don't have anyone that is qualified to do it into. I mean this is like a hundred and fifty radio stations dealing dealing with sales. It's dealing with creative. It's the night show. It's it's a lot internally. You mean someone like us. Yeah one of us we. We don't have one someone yeah you want a job. No you're not qualified. No no no. I'm not qualified for that. <hes> you could do it eventually not hungered for bringing the people who have executive executive produced talking to other shows or T._v. They've mold seen oversee multiple T._V. Shows kind of a multi thing is the issue so doing that quiet preferred happy to chat or no preference. What was the most happy to chat chat. That's not not bad. That's not overwhelming. Talk your face off like <hes> have a note here. I copy and paste from Eddie. Eddie sent me a note that said his dad loves the livestream yeah but he has a problem with this he doesn't he was. I guess he was just trying to be nice and offer some <hes> little advice but he said it's great looks awesome but man there too many commercial breaks in like that. That's how you know this how it works like we have commercials so we have commercial breaks but we're working on and even song breaks yes. He just said there's I mean there's a lot of breaks. Some people think when we play a song it's like a commercial to them because they just want to talk the whole time right there like why are you going away for break. I'm like that's Luke. Comb break yeah yeah. That's me playing a song. Mike Sciences on Serious Mike Signs. Hey man what's up dude. Hey you're on the post. Show pre show ooh favorite just so you know you're being you're on right now so a couple of questions one. I saw you post on twitter that you didn't make the short list for the executive producer job. Uh how well you said you invited the shortlist to hang out with. You and I think with these okay got it you. You didn't get a call saying you didn't make it like a thank you know. I didn't know that would be the professional thing to tell me no. I don't know what they're doing. Wow I'm not talking to them. They may have talked told everyone no. I didn't get anything also the professional thing I mean. You applied for a job kind of as a joke yeah yeah. That was that's the whole funny. Part is is probably didn't even take my application seriously I wrote some of the they kind of did and they sent it to me and they were like this guy serious. We can't tell if he's serious and I was like no. No that's my friend. He's being an idiot but were you being serious. No no not at all down. He loves says Jones debating. If you're a professor or a teacher <hes> yes the answer is that the question is yes. I'm both considered the same thing but why some people say professor and some people say teacher <hes> some people <hes> like to glorify it more than than a teacher <hes> <hes> but usually at the university level they call it like an assistant professor associate professor just a better title but we all do the same thing well t- to me and what is your job. <hes> I currently teach public speaking to incoming freshmen and I also work in the Student Success Center and what do they they call you..

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