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Download the radio Dachau map and favorite us today and if you have a smaller speaker just say play WFAN I let's wrap it up with a bang let's set the Ronkonkoma Eric joins us without Berwick good morning couple things real quick right the hopefully this thing with McNeil doesn't affect his you know gripping on the back on there this holiday I I understand that okay the Mets look or whether they changed managers are not the only thing I'm praying for here in the offseason I don't want to hear any bravado out of anybody I don't care who it is players the GM the owner nobody nobody what I want to hear from them is that our goal is what it should always be to make the playoffs and get to the World Series that's it I don't wanna hear what better than them will better than them over them and not the end they had nothing to base it on and I'm saying that in the sand right did the they'll be realistic in this okay and then the listing real quick. you being a Yankee fan aside if you look at who's in there right now okay what team you think is the scariest to be in the playoffs right now yes yes. that way you know with the way along his point no I still the Astros speak to their line up is the deepest their starting pitching is exemplary they won the World Series two years ago look Milwaukee is on an incredible run. the waiver alley in the absence of yellowish the job the crate council has done with that team. I'll be rooting for next week yes the nationals I hope they beat the nationals I'll probably be wagering on the brewers because I'm again the plus money and the nationals love to choke in the post season so to me that's a good value bet. but now the brewers and out the most scary team the policies the Astros top to bottom they are. doesn't mean they're given though the one World service is that they can't get Jim Jones is without general Gordon Jerry Jerry I'll be quick I know time short to quit playing symbol it's a net the jets fan I'm not convinced he's the guy wouldn't it be ironic. the giants passed on Donald last year and they drafted Barkley and then they turn around this year and they drafted Jones who may turn out to be about a quarterback I want pulling the plug on Donald let me based on what we saw last year was a rookie it was a mixed bag. we also but to be fair though Jim is also one form it's is it the end of the year that world with that show. I mean the game against the Houston Texans he was sensational game against the Buffalo Bills against a very good defense leading his team from behind when you have a whole lot to work with Donald still has a ton of talent. side and unfortunately Jim moral prisoners of the moment right yeah because of what Daniel Jones did on Sunday you have people immediately now saying he's better than Paul Arnold that's it the giants got a ride the jets got a wrong yeah the idea. let's put this matter a little bit folks. well. David Jones look terrific. I want to see what he has in store for an encore I still am a firm believer that Sam Doral has it I think sandals gonna be a very good quarterback in this league. I pull out a little bit of Middletown bread choices without Brad. Hey buddy how are you right on the wall man what's up doc. what both Yankee fans now I want to tell you something we'll do that but the next need to do is show up their bullpen more because some event last Tuesday apple north by the board. they will compare it at least one of those losses to win the match will be in the playoffs right now. yes you mentioned that the lead Sydney Stein Wheeler and training the guard. well thank you I suppose traders who would make sense to you when I questioned that is the question. when do you ask him the eighties but sad green would you do. first of all there's no way in the world the Mets and make that change the lack. second of all I don't know how many times I need to say this the Aggies and that's on on a on a check third of all. considering what I saw. from the Watson who are this year. the way he handles the media the sensitivity that nonsense with the personal catcher only one was in it on a Yankees. Strona out there I would want to. will. yeah Zack Willis tremendous pager an easy route for synagogue is not I'm sorry it's not easy reform said to a blooming Grove New York made joins us without Nate. you know I heard a lot of talk yesterday about the Mets maybe going for Mookie Betts and I don't like the idea because to me you got to give away the store to do it we got a ball gown the rebuild right. yeah I understand that she's also one of the best players in baseball and for what it's worth Nate I don't believe in my heart of hearts the red Sox are going to be dumb enough to get rid of the franchise now they've done this in the past with a sick about a player's Johnny Damon Pedro Martinez Wade Boggs Roger Clemens but movie base is still very very young he's got a lot of good baseball left in him and I also want to see who's taking over what is their philosophy gonna be putting throwing it out there listen you have a Mookie Betts and you put him in on that line up holy smokes I mean that's a guy along with Pete Alonso and if you keep Jeff big deal that could be a part of some special for a long long time let me ask you this it is that it is so important to get make mail back in the infield that we can't go out there and down and not have to give anybody up I don't think that's outrageous I just don't know if the Mets will be willing to up the ante and pay and pay the rent on what he's looking to get paid after the year he has had you and I both know were in bone as a free agent is going to be getting the what the twenty five million dollars a year and he's good at I would say six or a seven year contract god feel right now the Washington nationals will do what they need to do in order to keep on remember the nationals signed Corbin they like gold price offer I'm gonna say entity Rendell and ends up sticking around in DC but yeah I could look it rained own end Donald same as two guys baby the Mets call to like being their line up that way they're not making a massive trade but I think we're Gorlice of what they do on that front Nate a guy like Cindy gourd is somebody I think they're going to be looking to trade. yeah definitely all right Abdullah man yeah and they take care and. and that's going to have to decide the off season. between Zack Wheeler nose and about. they have to decide. but you're gonna pay Zack Wheeler. what he commands sore. here we were in a different uniform and Lana Astros Yankees in them a feel. I think if you sign Wheeler. so the guys got. if you don't sign will art that's where it gets tricky because then all of a sudden you got to replace will act and you got a place in a guy it's in the Waterbury Connecticut ray joins us what's out right hi Jay great shell right original pre shave and I I agree with your Callaway catechol I mean it Dick discussing is they play art form but is in game managing is bad I mean he sits cheating Davis half the time JB Davis has to be in that line up every single day the favor of look garish you can also buy online they they can upgrade but the only thing is I don't want that at the managing position I don't want to an experimental manager I want a big time manager in there it Girardi is if the cop like you say if the cops fire matter he's going to go over there. I think so too and ray could feel right now Joe Maddon would not take the match up I make the call I try to make the splash I get the sense Joe Maddon being a California guy working with the Anaheim angels in the past I could see him taken apologies job no pressure quarry lifestyle. reform system young player is already there I did see Joe man in San Diego sell it man goes to the Padres and Girardi ends up with the cubs. is there any experience name ally said dusty Baker is a Buck Showalter the names I like. the team then I could on making Callie I given credit for that. in a Mets do better in the off season. my answer would be yes. fun shell fell is outstanding work on the other side of the guys one thing everybody who called you got alla Jerry coming up with the warm up show boomer NGO it's six and we got a Friday show all the usual suspects on walks college picks fantasy football Friday across the board so we'll chat manana until then to get everybody..

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