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Approach what you do while i always i. I always had this instinct. That i could do it. You know i. I felt this thing in me that i felt like i could transform myself and i you know i remember looking at myself in the mirror when i was little or you know. Just these weird looking back on these moments. Where if i was crying. And i was upset i would kind of analyze it and be like what is this you know. Goes you know looking at yourself in the mirror crying And just and really really interested in human emotion really interested in people really interested in nuances of people. The way they move their head the way they move their hands like little things. I still am. I'm obsessed with it like i. just you know. So that was. That was where my love for acting came. I think i was obsessed with people and obsessed with. I still am like. I film everything i feel. Everybody i find. I'm in love with like human beings you know and so i think that's just evolved as i've gotten and You know i. I yeah it does strike me that like four an actor like in your age bracket and especially for female actors. Not a lot of them are like you in that like you seem to go after really transformative performances It's is it do resit. Does that resonate when you get a script and you see like oh. This is an opportunity to really kind of like push myself in a in a different way. Absolutely and i really love Doing things that are are challenging. I love completely transforming myself. I i the combination of the challenge and then being able to just feel like a different person is the most fun for me know i. I love that challenge. I love you know and making it authentic not making it silly not making it you know a character a caricature of somebody. You know So that combination. I love and that's what i loved about. Sola is i think they'd like i always loved characters you know i loved fantasy growing up like that like that was something i like the the you know i i mean. I think we're gonna talk about this but like fantasy and and and saifi that those were the things that i actually like loved watching people playing these weird bizarre creatures and the way that human being could totally transform into like a witch or you know what i mean like harry potter. Was everything to me like. That was like you know if i could have had the career my dream career. I would have been in like all the harry. Potter's you know like i. I love and the actual performance. And i love and i also love nuanced performance. I love trying to combine. the two is like ultimate. we are speaking my language. I mean like. I feel like for instance like gary oldman dracula is like my favorite performance. Like ever like unbelievable but yes okay you give me the perfect segue because in the last year especially when we've needed comfort have been asking votes comfort movies and you you kinda cheated a little bit riley. 'cause you with a whole franchise but maybe i'll down. But you went with harry potter which no surprise. It's a comfort movie series for many many people Let's just i tell me like. Did you encounter harry potter. Through the books i or through the movies. What was the. How did you become obsessed. So i was in school in the first book came out and i think i was around the same age as harry and so that was of course like this. You know exciting thing. I got to go up with harry potter and the first film came out and i was in oregon with my dad on a road trip and it was in this little theater in this little town in oregon and it was raining and it was like there were. It was if felt like we were in at hogwarts there. Were these like you know amazing. Greenery intrudes everywhere in this sort of small old town. He took me to see the first film. And i just like. I don't know i i think it was the right age and the right time and i just was such a fan and i i read all the books and i i love love the films and i you know. I always loved magic. I loved the idea of opening up our minds to you know more than the reality. We live in and so so wisconsin favorites favorite character. Oh my gosh. This is so hard. I they won't be offended once you don't mention it's okay. I know i love serious lack. Of course you know how could you not. I love bella. Tricks i were. I love her. Minding i love. Oh my gosh Who else. I love luna. I loved her father. I love you ever dress up as any of the harry potter congress for did really dressed up. I didn't dress out. Have you been sorted. I've been sorted. I was in Griffin door once. And i was in slithering once i think i gem and i've got two sides to you and i can totally see how the hat would get confused with insular. They're enor- perfect or have you. Have you been to wizard world. Have you seen curse child or yeah. I've been to visiting world. Haven't seen chris child i. I went to the To the sets in england which is amazing but also it's money like as an actor actress. You.

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