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It's the only conservative television show in Baltimore, Maryland. It's the only one folks. So if you don't see that you don't see the conservative news. You don't see the news. It's blacked out of the sun papers. Because they don't tell you that I like them down at the paper's, nice folks, and I talked to them, and I know some of the editors, but there are some stories, they're very shy about printing, and one of them is coming story. They, they did a little bit about it. But my goodness gracious. There's like six there's. Five point two million dollars missing from a nonprofit that my Iraq more Cummings did not report. She has not filed a nonprofit record since nineteen ninety-five not one record. She has a five oh one. She has what's called the center for global policy solutions, and she's not filing any records. So nobody knows where the money went, and there's a gentleman by the name of Robert Wood Johnson. It's a Robert Wood Johnson foundation. That is the Johnson and Johnson company up in Delaware, and they gave miss rock Amore Cummings. Five point two million for her four profit, I'm sorry. Five point six million for her for private five point two million for her nonprofit close to twelve million dollars. That's unaccounted for no records are shown nothing. But let's go back so we can try hopefully understand this. Okay. The money was given to the four profit and nonprofit for what to do whatever I you'd have to ask my rock, more Cummings. I don't know. It's a nonprofit that's supposed to help people, but she'd hasn't filed any records since nineteen ninety-five. So we don't miss his Johnson Johnson like the big company. Yes. Yes, yes. But the, the problem and the National League and policy center, which is a government watchdog group has contacted and filed a complaint with the IRS. So they are looking into it on basis store that was a conflict of interest because total conflict of. Interest because it's not just Johnson Johnson gave her money. It's Google JP Morgan prudential. And every one of those folks every one of those companies has business interests before the house committee on oversight and government reform. And guess who the chairman? How many numbers I is come in maya's husband? So they're giving money to Maya and then they're running to her husband saying, hey, can you help us out a little bit? Come on. I mean how blatant can that be? Why isn't this a story? Why? Now it's been alleged. But they've faxed of the matter is she hasn't bothered any records since nineteen ninety-five, and if you have a nonprofit shift to file every year. Oh, okay. Okay. Oh, that as well as we said we've been on board. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. So you did a story on this. I did do a story on ran on TV ran on TV. It's running now online. It's getting a gazillion hits online. This is this is really really important. And it's really bad because I don't wanna say Baltimore City and Baltimore County run dirty politics. I'm not saying that. I didn't say that, right? But my Cummings is the head of the democrat party in the state of mayor law, non when she was supposed to run for office. She ran for governor governor passed a go. I mean she stopped she she couldn't get go. So as a consolation prize, they made her the head of the democrat party in the state of Maryland. Okay. But when Elijah Cummings was recently, John Hopkins lies. Cummings has a heart problem and he had a valve replaced, and he's a couple months in Johnson. Hopkins. And while he was on what he might and I'm not, I don't know what he thought. But while he was in that hospital bed. He said, if he could not continue his seat as a congressman to give it to his wife. Who is his young wife, who was like twenty years as junior. Now, if you follow this out this woman already had eleven million dollars donations from one person that had been before her husband, and she's going to be taking his place, and he and he gave it directly to her. Well, if I mean, isn't that it considered I've in some countries, I think this goes back to what you were talking to me about before the show started, which is that what many people go to Capitol Hill? They are people of modest means. Fell office for some time leaves. They are people of great means. It's true. The average the average congressman when he comes to Washington. He's not worth the average congressman unless you go as multimillionaire most of them, come, not poverty stricken, but not very wealthy when they leave if they've stayed there for anytime at all. They're worth approximately seven million dollars, seven million dollars. And part of the problem, is this, and here's a problem, every single person that here's my voice tonight should be angry about, they really should be angry about if you work on Wall Street, and you hear something about a stock, and you buy that stock predicated on the information someone told you that and counselor correct me if I'm wrong, right? Is insider trading. It is in such rating, and somehow another, you can go to jail, if I think. Right. Right. Kind of hard to believe. He went to jail. Jameh cider trading Martha Stewart. Now, let me tell you this. And I didn't mean to interrupt but is so hot about this right now. Lanc- Pelosi bought five thousand shares of a visa credit card company while they were building a Bill in Washington, for the purpose of helping credit card companies make money. Right. So she buys five thousand shares in two weeks, her five thousand shares that she bought in now this is alleged, but it's not really because it's all we had all the pack right? She bought for forty dollars a share became worth sixty dollars a share in a couple of weeks after the Bill was written. This was complete total insider, trading done in Washington by congress person in order to make money and it's completely legal. It is until they have some type of legislation that would forbid members of congress both Senate and house from being able to be essentially being it'd be permitted to do insider trading. There's a Bill right now in the house pass. Doc docket. If you ask congressman about this Bill about stopping insider trading, they won't even know what you're talking about because they all not all of them too many of them do it. Well, it it's, it's a as we say in law, it's a loophole something, something that at some point. Legislation should be passed to correct it. So they will be held to the same standards that other Americans are held to. But I think that's the problem even though we're living in this capitalistic society, it would appear to some people, especially those of the political hierarchy or able to do things that the average American cannot do would indicate Mazda Stewart even go to jail for your right? So I mean it's certainly a problem. But I mean at least I mean in the present since that we have everything the economy is at least at thanks. Thank goodness to President Trump and good state. Economy old. And I think that's one of the things that I'll be honest with you, a device media has not talked about that. The economy has roared back from the housing crisis of two thousand eight and that's the other day that nine eleven was a hit and was hit to the economy and then comes to the housing crisis in LA and really ain't get our act together on the Obama administration. And he comes President Trump and whether or not you four against them. One thing that you cannot take away from the fact that the economy got back on track. Unemployment is at all time low for all groups, and we're moving forward housing prices arising. Right. And the train is run again. It's really is. And this is why this is why President Trump is not going to be impeached. You're not gonna teach your president and economy's run and sixty nine percent of the public, do not want Trump to be. And it's five people in congress pushing, Nancy scenario, goes on the investigation, blah, blah, blah Russian collusion. They come out with the report, they come out with his attorney. Turns the to be a government witness who doesn't know anything about it. And to me that was the first time as, as a legal person as an attorney, I said, hey, if his closest person doesn't have any evidence against him, then then is nothing there. And lo and behold, he testified lawyer doesn't know anything about any collusion moolah report comes out, man. No, collusion, basically pretty much. What the report says you just lead me? Let me. And we've got people on the phone lines. I'm sorry, you're going to get to you. I promise if you're there, you're going to be on the air. So it's just let me let me give the number one..

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