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Coming up in a few minutes. Our number. One item, of course. Those numbers in Illinois another 772 New Corona virus cases, Thie highest single Day tally since May 18 more deaths announced. The seven day positivity rate holds now at 3.8% and that's the number you gotta watch the infection's number. That number has climbed up from 2.5% 3 weeks ago. And that is why the governor and a lot of us are very nervous page to be good Where your mask Congress continues to debate the next round of Corona virus Aid. The $600 unemployment enhancement ends today. Federal moratorium on evictions ended last Friday, leaving more than 12 million renters at risk for Being homeless. The Paycheck protection program, which still has 130 billion intended to help small businesses is set to expire August 8th. And after several days of negotiation is following the Republican Senate stimulus proposal. GOP and Democratic leaders are reportedly no closer to an agreement on what to do next. We will check in with Sometimes Washington bureau chief Lynn Sweet who's keeping a close eye at all this? She will join us at about 7 48 this morning for an update. Yes, Here's your alligator update. As Steve mentioned an alligator was captured in Lynwood officials first responded to a reported alligators sighting in Lake Lyn would Wednesday, according to the fire department there, Alex. The alligator was captured safely near Lake Linwood. The alligator will be quarantined for 30 days. And will then be sent to a licensed reptile park in a southern state. So it is the quarantine due to Corona Virus Fair's not sure about that. You know, we think it was wearing a mask. Well, that's good to know. A page for Apple's new iPhones, which have been consistently released in the last week of September, will be delayed this year due to supply chain issues. Apple Says the new phone will be a few weeks late. That could mean mid to late October for the release of was expected to be called the iPhone 12. Domine may concern Duncan is permanently closing 8% of its locations here in the United States. That's roughly 800 restaurants. The company announced the changes in its second quarter earnings released yesterday. Duncan described the closures as real estate portfolio rationalization. I believe a couple of times over the years when I've been fired. That's what they have said it's due to realestate portfolio rationalization. The affected locations are in low volume sales locations that represent 2% of U. S sales. More than half of the closures Aaron Speedway convenience stores. These locations. They're said to be closed by the end of this year. Duncan also said approximately 350 locations outside of the U. S. May permanently closed stand. Vai von Ewers and number six and, finally, some airline notes. United Warning it may need to furlough more pilots than previously expected about 3900 into 2021. Airline executives say the only way to avoid further cuts is if there's additional federal aid or an agreement to lower costs with the union. Meanwhile, Delta is tightening regulations for mask wearing on its flights. They released a statement this week saying masks with exhaust valves are no longer a lot on their aircrafts. Masks with exhaust valves are intended for use in industrial environments like instruction delight, inhaling material particles. However, they do not prevent the spread of virus particles. I haven't heard about that or seen too many people with those masks on planes. I have seen people with asthma. Suits, though on the Plains The exhaust in those masks allows virus particles to escape the mask. Which means that if you have Coben, 19 you actually could spread the disease while wearing the mask and Finally as Faras the airline buzz this morning. Emirates recently announced that They will pay for your funeral expenses. If you contract covert 19 in flight. Isn't that thoughtful? It's safe. Wow, First of its kind policy. Holding out $1765 per person for burial. Emirates previously offered to pay passengers who get Corona virus from their flights up to 176,000 in medical expenses and 100 $18 per diem for two weeks for hotel quarantine accommodations. I wouldn't know whether I would want the virus are you are, you know to stay healthy with that kind of all? I mean, is that supposed to make you want to fly the airline and if you're dead, How do you know they paid it? Peace, Sir, is our questions will be following you. Emirates. It's their new Ah campaign. The airline with a heart will pay for your burial if you get sick on our flights, and that's the way it is. This has been the top 6 to 6 with Bob Suraj on WG and Radio way. Don't make this stuff up. Just the facts. We will check in with Mr. Fix it, Lou Manfredini momentarily. If you've got a problem around the house, Lou knows all and time permitting, he'll take a call. Got a question for Mr Fixit 312981 7200 will be the number to call momentarily. 3129817200 sons out, and it's gonna be pretty nice Friday. I think Steve Providence son is up in the radar.

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