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Of Alaska and Democrat Tina Smith of Minnesota earlier today the White House president trump in a speech touching on the corona virus thing he's hopeful that warmer weather eventually will stop it in its tracks is a theory that in April when it gets warm historically that has been able to kill the virus that we don't know yet we're not sure yet but that's around the corner so there will be a great thing in China and other places Mr trump saying he spoke with president xi and the Chinese are working very hard on this meantime Chinese officials say seventeen hundred of their medical workers have been infected with the corona virus and six of those workers have died Dr Amash adulta is with the Johns Hopkins center for health security he says all this quarantining is adding fuel to the fire in China I don't think you can separate the political from the medical and what you're seeing has been really draconian authoritarian moves to contain the virus that's not really immutable to being container because it's been spreading in the community several weeks before it was even noticed and what you what you see now is just the kind of clean down at meetings or it's made the out break down kind of a a zombie land created shortages created my map public panic and that report from KCBS is Holly Quan and the last direct flight from San Francisco to mainland China for the time being leaves tonight that flight set to take off at ten forty PM local time and this will be the last direct connection from San Francisco to China for at least six weeks now travelers can get to Beijing if they have to but you have to lay over in LA acts most air carriers have been canceling flights to China because of the corona virus meantime another airline's putting off plans for the return of the Boeing seven thirty seven Max here's ABC's Alex stone United announcing its now canceling all Boeing seven thirty seven MAX.

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