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Yeah i was gonna say three months. We haven't heard and it's been a while stanley cup. Final game one tonight in tampa lightning host. The canadian you mentioned the matt barzal comment much earlier in the show played for you quickly Emotional post game. Seven thinking about the veterans on his team notably. He mentioned both both josh bailey. And andy greene but guys want to win for those guys. The hurts Or seen those guys in the locker room all over his face. You heard it obviously for matt martin earlier in the show a couple of other things. We don't need usually touch on here. I'll just give quick. Mentions college world series game one tonight. Mississippi state taken on vanderbilt jack lighter job allied irs kid pitches for vanderbilt. And i want to throw this out new jersey native sydney mclaughlin running the four hundred meter hurdles olympic trials. Last night sent the new world record mile. She will go off to the olympics holding the new world records to hurry and she took down the record holder in that very same race which was kind of cool and twenty two year. Old nelly korda when the women's pj championship by three strokes. First career major. Now the first american atop the women's world rankings in seven years so little off the beaten path but we give love to all right Also we mentioned this harris harris looks. More entertaining sounded an eight eight hole. Playoff framer hickox. Living the life man might be lot of vacationing. Yeah sampling a lot of different cuisines if you follow him on facebook facebook but that's what he's doing. I can tell you that for sure i. Let's do moment of the day since i've crashed and burned here. Brought to you. By casa migos to casa migos to kill his brought to you. Who was on with you guys earlier wrapping up the crushing game. Seven loss to tampa bay. This long running disagreement between matt and craig on this past golf match came up again. Prompting correct to call and give his side of what happened and then eddie via boomer as usual couldn't help himself gown one to play and he got an on course lesson. That's gotta be against rule. Now matt you can talk as well. Would you like to respond to that. It's just it's that's not even factual cart. You buried core ball. I remember the whole long tree line along the road over and over again. Not quite all i had to do is put the ball down the court granted..

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