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Well, and what the that company is doing is building the technology platform to help shippers prop. Fairly assess and book freight, so it's data platform that helps them determine the the freight costs because of all sorts of things like fuel and temperature and low this being being transported between any two implants hard industry that was basically done analogue right up until these guys have come along and help them help them digitize and create a fulsome platform for for the transmission of freight. That's quite fascinating. What what cities have surprised you that seemed like an interesting surprise. What else has really surprised you either in their focus or any other way. Yeah. So I'd say one of the the big surprises to me was Indianapolis, Indianapolis is obviously a great city as storied American city, and what one of the things and one of the big highlights is there was a business. They're called exact target that sold a Salesforce for multiple billions of dollars, the founders of exact target after they sort of spun out of the Salesforce were. World double down triple down in Indianapolis and created an ecosystem they are focused on B, two B business to business software and services companies. And so they they've really like anchored themselves around this notion of BB SAS, it's going to be what Indianapolis has known for at least from a technology startup perspective. And it's become a hub. They've got a the the founders air created a company called the high alpha studio, they've got a fun there. They invest in in handfuls of companies that are coming out of Indianapolis, and and who would have thought, right? And it was so it was such a sort of great ecosystem that Salesforce after their acquisition of this company. Exact target moved its h q two to Indianapolis. And now has one of the largest buildings in the city of Indianapolis is by sales is owned and operated by Salesforce, and has a couple thousand employees in Indianapolis. And so it's it's amazing to see how that city has kind of really sp-, you know, really exploded in growth. Around a couple of founders who said we're going to double down in our in our hometown that that's amazing. What gimme one more city that kinda was like, wow, I didn't expect to see that an overwhelming set of choices or you know, what I'm trying to come up with a really good good example for you. I I mean, I I'll go back to to to Chattanooga. I was really surprised. I mean, they they, you know, the they're a handful of just really great companies. There's a company that we were not investors in. But but it's it's a logistics and a moving company called bellhop spaced in Chattanooga. That's a really strong company and seeing how a city that that's not the largest city by by stretch of the word has really focused on building this really dense community. We have this. This this phrase that that we use a lot called network density, which you know, network density network density, which means how can you how can you create this? This tight network of people of entrepreneurs of of of of fans.

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