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News moment yeah. I don't want to say that combination of words ever but it seems like it was there a million things could be happening right now. They could have actually been booed but the actors don't WanNa put that story fourth or you know so many people involved in the story could spin it. The people in the audience could spin it in the actors could spend it journalists could spin it. How can we know we can't unless we were there ourselves? I guess we'll watch the video in the report back. Next podcast knows goes. I'll watch the video care. I'll take two seconds so yeah that that's a promise to the fans Josu crazy to me. I had so much vitriol in my heart carried over for two days about this. Here's the thing I follow a little little suburb at called free folk which are like the the weaponize the elves version of game of thrones fans they that by the all started because they don't talk a nail were not fucking all Canales and then it turned to this weird thing whereas like we don't like the show anymore <hes> so we are free from the people who like the show but there there are very wholesome community in a way they raised a bunch of money from for charity dirty for <hes> Amelia Clark's charity and then the turned around again for can Harrington's charity <hes> but they didn't like the finale and their whole thing is we're going to protest until the show runners make a public appearance because they're being cowards. We want them to shelve in public so we can express dissatisfaction her. Whole thing is their fault? Not The actors not the accrue not whoever let the STARBUCKS Cup in the shot yes. It's the indeed who hoodwinked us by giving us five or six good seasons and then the last two seasons or bad I I also don't feel like DB Wieser David ofo anyone anything they absolutely oh okay I mean I understood look. They did a job here is they did a bad job but must they go public for ridicule about that. Here's the thing here here's the order of events that I'm going to present to justify vitual against the indy yes H._B._O.. Approached them in. You said you can have as many seasons as you want to win this and they said we can do it in to the clearly did not want to work on it anymore. That's the thing they continue to work on so they could say like we were. The sole show runners if they really wanted to walk away in work another projects. I have no problem with that. Yeah walk away handover. The reins yeah I I think that they were like exceptionally greedy. People and I do not think that the way they handle that show was good and I also think that as writers they did a really genuinely awful job and I do believe like if they do you have a public appearance than people should like question them and they should be like open hopefully with what they were saying. You want a level headed discourse. You don't want outright public rejection. No I'm just saying they didn't commit a crime crime. They did a a very bad job but shouldn't that he penalized under the death penalty. Yes they should be unlit I._B.. They shouldn't be brought in front of the public but they should be lightly lately hanged. No I do hate everything that they did like I have immense respect for that fictional universe and I despise them for what they did and I don't feel like they did the best given what they were given because they were a hand the reins to an incredible kingdom they let's not they paved over paradise and put on a parking yeah but at the same time they did so well with the adaptation part the first <music>. Let's say three seasons verse three seasons. Were really well done like the first season is a mirror to the book. It is so close in so good like that. They did a phenomenal job at the beginning <hes> I just think along the way they got burnt out and that is not a crime you're right but when he get burned out maybe you should take a step back. Yeah I mean I duNNo. I'm maybe of a minority that I think when people do a job even if they do a and I'm not defending them a tremendously awful job that they don't owe anyone anything as long as they didn't like genuinely you only her two or disenfranchise people in a material way. I honestly understand what you're saying because no one I hope died with how bad the season in was yeah. I don't want to downplay anyone who actually did die yeah. Bob People suffer from a lot of things yeah if that did happen it was not publicized when I'm not aware of <hes> but if it did and I I honestly get that in this the weird conversation to have because it's like this weird duality thing where yes creators I absolutely think creators do not own oh anything to fans <hes> but at the same time fans who invested so much time fine yeah and I'm calling from this as a book reader who hated the show after the pardon from the books and killed off well yes kill up certain characters that it shouldn't had no right of of killing off <hes> <hes> I just want. I think maybe too close to the situation to see it from a point where you're coming from where yes I guess they didn't do any physical harm so we shouldn't ridicule the next forty years of their lives at the same time colic. Let's sharpen the pitchforks. Let's Let's light the torches we can we can go after them. <hes> and then at the same <unk> there's three of me kill them. Yeah don't kill them and battery and Bater a bill who has more worthy than all of us who is like what the fuck is game of thrones I of a hammer. I'm a Horse Lizard Anyway. What is your third version? That's that was it. Oh I'm I'm sorry you got me out of his name and a third son but I my feelings about it is we are lucky for DB. Wyson David Benny off for the following reason we are lucky in. Let's so rarely in life. Do we have object lessons that we can hold a belief and that believes must persevere through. It's like worst possible scenarios us so like we can have an ideology that like creators don't owe anything to anyone and that's an easy thing to say for creators that you like yeah but four people whose artistic crimes are as egregious just as Dby said David benef- we also have to say the same of them which is very difficult and life rarely affords US villains. We're lucky to have these villains to swallow our town or biter tongues so that we don't fall into the trap of five a fan and you owe me a good end and it's it's difficult right because we all love are fictional worlds with our grey areas where you're never really know what's evil. What's good? Maybe just everyone's people thankfully that's fiction true villains and they they are and David Benny off and it's it's a much more difficult world when TRU villains exist no. I hate them. Absolutely I want them to have a public appearance latest. Grab a Mike like before any okay we can start building the Gulf. We were giving a page of notes page of notes. That's all we gave us. He told us who ended up on the throne in that was in and like we didn't even think that was important but he wanted to know and what will you supposedly. We're pulling their hair out. I very much that's not going to happen because I don't think they're morsel nor do I think they're capable of remorse. You know I even with as bad as game of thrones sounds got. I never started to truly dislike them until they started airing. Those like postseason <unk> season seven interviews with them like Oh. I genuinely greatly dislike these people yeah. It's tough so we learned to things the media cannot trust it and might be attempting to Soa version of reality that's more dramatic and undercutting and underlying like positively in event it like that and maybe we shouldn't give the media the benefit of the doubt and also we learned please kill the dipping oil not kill yeah. Kill with words names say words I swear may works words word which are super words. Super were isn't of radiation. It's a it's what they call the French. I mean the French Kala Fuck you Ms Award for what a brigadier what an episode also the friends color rapier they call a wreck com etre arrest at rivoal Becher a raison d'etre all right well before you start laughing up this episode like I have a Weird Peter tingle that you're about vowed to I have one last thing to cover and that is we're too short weeks away of God from the drop of the next movie the fuck you the fast and furious cinematic Universe Hobson shock comes out on August second. If you guys like me have been tearing your single pages off of your one day calendars and we have a big x marked on August second on August second for the release of Hobson Shah. It's never been closer and they're in a fever pitch. A stuntman is putting an induced coma for fast and furious nine. Hobson Shaw is coming. There's instagram pictures. The fast and furious universe is revving. It's engines. It's it was in park. The engine started its first gear coming into the second. It's taken the coroner for the first time on this podcast. You robbed the words literally out of the my mouth. Oh said them before me which which just means we're on the same page Yar on the same page I in very excited. I have watched too many trailers for Hobson shop because I applaud the marketing team. They made sure lows trailers. Were in front of like every major movie for the past three months. I am height for Hobson shot but I did have some sad news about the the filming the fast and furious nine stunt man Joe Watts it is an induced coma following major onset accident and for the record Joe Watts previously worked on mission impossible fall out Jurassic World Volun- Kingdom Solo a star wars story in Kingsman and that is one hell of a repertoire. That's gotta be a great. I would've applaud Joe Watts Joe Watts for his resume he he. I don't know a lot of stuntman names <music> but now I know Joe Watts now. I want to get that tattooed mcgrane double check the name. I WANNA make sure it's Joe Watts. John Wa is name as Joe Watts. Joe Wants <hes> so I said that because I was trying the thing of anything fast furious I may have come off as flip of Joe Wada's induced coma. I say this more sincerely than we say pretty much anything on this podcast it is firmly day firmly within the thoughts vibes of the zero credit's Kinda podcast studio. The Joe Watts has a speedy recovery from this that he's back doing stunts we wish him and his family all of the best and of hope for their privacy in this time <hes> he has helped to contribute to something that is very down the me and Henry loved dearly and I hope that he gets better soon. No one should have to suffer for the creation of the most perfect film franchise and the perfect world. No one would be injured. We don't live in a perfect world and as such we wish joe off the perfect recovery. Yes exactly <hes> sad news SAV news. That movie looks good though I will say I'm I'm glad for one thing not for Joe Walks getting injured but okay Daniel Craig got injured on the set of the next James Bond and like every detail about that movie was leaked immediately like we know Oh Christoph Waltz was seen on said we know this person and like we kinda know the plot now. Why why is that the least guarded movie in Hollywood history? I'm glad that fast and furious nine respects the viewer experience and is not like we need. We need Komo news stories about fast nine. That's not person injured on set hurry up leak leak that John Cena's the bad guy or something like that..

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