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This is rustic ball with newshour live from the bbc in london last months there was a political earthquake in malaysia an opposition coalition under the former strongman mahathir mohammad who is ninety two won the election among the promises he made was to release unwise abraham formerly an ally and then sent to prison the last time mr mateo was in power it's a key moment in malaysia modern history and may also proved to be a test of loyalty between prime minister mahato mohammed and the man he sent to prison chief international correspondent liz do set has been speaking to anwar ibrahim now lease it is is it's anwar ibrahim still optimistic he has told his supporters after his release this was a new dawn for malaysia does he trust his old archenemy what an extraordinary moment in in malaysia as you call it up a political earthquake you're you have matia muhammad turning to the opposition and anwar ibrahim said to me today he does believe that monitor muhammad has committed to the reform agenda of the opposition never mind find the dr matia ruled malaysia with an iron fist for about a third of the time that his ruling party wasn't power for some sixty years all of malaysia's modern history he also said that he believes montier will keep his promise in about two years time that anwar ibrahim will succeed him as prime minister what i put it to him this morning in london i said you really trust mahat here we want this critical juncture in the official an effective prime minister and therefore as low as my successor this is the consensus by the ruling party now the question is unwise be fine with me i mean is this clear is it clear it is clear how is it clear is good because i think it's clear by all the vitas but the leaders so it says in writing somewhere within a certain period brahim will succeed mohammed as prime minister this the flat when i got convinced i don't believe this must be some form of trust here i trust distrust is their trust they trust your mom had after all that he did to you to your family i mean we have to move on moving on and on where you've been really does want to move on a new future for himself for malaysia and for the.

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