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And forest management problems or to blame for all the wildfires Here's almost Jeff Pooja. Hundreds of thousands of acres have burned and more than two dozen people are already dead. And now the Western wildfires have become political and you have years of leaves dried leaves on the ground just sets it up. It's really a fuel for a fire. But speaking with CNN's Wolf Blitzer governor Jay Inslee said the president has no idea what he's talking about the president to try to tell us we're not managing or forest. I don't think he could find which end of an axe. The holder pitch a tent without an instructional manual. Anjali says. Climate change is to blame for the greater number and intensity of wildfires. Jeff Pooja, Look, come on news people hoping for a little relief from all this smoke here in western Washington. Gonna have to wait almost Charlie Harder tells us it's not expected to clear out until at least the end of the work week. This is a stubborn weather pattern, and the expected rain and light breeze in the forecast never developed. Come on news dot com Meteorologist Got Cystic says That means it'll be smoky around here a few more days. And how does this smoke rate now? This definitely looks like it was the worst event of the last three years, he says. Air quality gauges air measuring some record levels of pollution in spots with one gauge near West Seattle, showing the worst levels since it was put there in the 19 eighties. Charlie Harder come O'Neill's farm workers in Central Washington or in a particularly dangerous situation caught between covert 19 and wildfire smoke. Worker advocate Andrea Schmidt with Columbia Legal Services says While we could not have predicted the fast spread in the new Corona virus among farm workers, we could have been more prepared for wildfires. Failing that we've had and the state is the lack of advanced preparation for this sort of thing. We know that major fires happen, Seattletimes says Farm workers in Brewster in Okanogan County were evacuate. Evacuated to a city park unsheltered from the unhealthy air while inside shelters covert 19 Khun Spread faster, of course. In close quarters. Seattle Transportation officials hoping a lot of small changes in West Seattle will help make up for the loss of one of its big connectors. The West Seattle Bridge. Come O Seu Romero with more with the earliest possible opening of the bridge. Not until 2022..

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