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Today, marry beautiful. Living the life, my friend. I'm just trying to look at you guys. Oh, nice. Not quite the same view here, isn't it? Watch that. It's not very good. Well, yes, I think the feeling's mutual there. Will Jesse march be sacked if we need to go down gav. I don't think so I read indication coming from the club is that not that they were budgeting to go down, but they liked marsh, they understand that they've had injuries that there's a particular situation and I think the goal is to try to come back up with Jesse marsh at the helm. That said, it's football, anything can happen. Don't blame me if he's gone in July. Well, that's sitting very much on the fence. Thanks again for that. What are you doing? Wait, what should we do? For Craig, how do you write Google's performance as the Chelsea manager this season? They won the Club World Cup. I'm the only pick up final. Jesus. Well, obviously sad is a huge game. With a little unlucky in a caramel Cup final because we actually played very well, obviously the lost and penalties. But if you think about it, I think pillow sitchin certainly made some cutlet. Yeah. Really pretty simple chances. So that could have been a different story, but it's not. We'll see what happens Saturday then. I just think, yeah, that's not enough ship change, but being sort of 19, 20 points off the top is not something that's going to be sustainable long term. Right. So yeah, I would just say, okay. How would you sum it up, Mario? Okay? No, I think okay, in the situation they are in, you know, we should not question that situation. It's a bit tested really hard this season. I think they came through it. I think that was also one of the things that took didn't always come out with, but I know there was a lot of pressure on the inside. Using the final, like Eric said, the other find any loss is in this final. I think next season will be the season where we will see can you close the gap with the top two because if you have another gap like this, then you can have a question and also regarding what the recruitment will be what are they going to bring into a fancy team? Mario Tuco comes to you and asks you what is Chelsea's strongest front.

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