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Mate. Batman come pre and you'll see Puram Agean Asian. I was not expecting Tom World. You you mentioned nation well. Well okay so we're a bad. Just remind everyone where it might trailer trail. I feel like that's pertinent. Info don't Oh you do because it changes everything if I was listening to Howard Stern and they were doing the show from the back of a taxi cab. I WanNa know me too me too. Visuals are everything when it's only audio so we're on a couch. That's in my trailer. Yeah and it's a beautiful trailer Mahogany. There is a a laminate yeah yeah and it seems to be a little bit. Mahogany flavored Federal Burl Walnut. Maybe a little specific might taste to temporarily specific yeah yeah as our friend. Gordon Keith would say yeah we're here. We're in San Canyon oops Mala to say that good luck finding US Canyon. It's a pretty big area uh-huh oh by the way. Do you know that so. They're doing re-shoots for I think call the Wild Jack London book because they're making a movie and Harrison Ford is here. Oh Ah good off my plane only got and also the the fewer shout my house yeah. There's a man in my house one or you find that man. He killed my wife. Your whole face shifted to the Lok like him anyways. He's he's been spotted. He's he's been driving like a gator around drives as you'd expect like other crew members and he's been spotted by transfer. He did also take a helicopter into work one or two days That's exciting but I haven't seen him but I want to do his run for him. You know I do his showing. Yes you know I do. I only do a couple of physical. impersonations nations want is justice walk. Oh Yeah and you're very good. Thank you and I do a pretty good. Harrison Ford have seen it really. Jut Your haunches out. That's the most is critical thing he's got such strong hindquarters and when he runs it you just really seat and see the like the cheeks moving. Just all of it yet very rushed out very powerful run off my plane. Okay okay original man on my set that man round like me. You find that man okay okay. We're back all right. Dave David yes well well. I have to the air a grievance. Okay Great Love Your grievances. I'm doing this publicly because it was so bad. I had a customer service issue. No no at H. and R. Blah New Year. You're not going to shame them public. I am oh no I have to. It was really bad. I they can't sue assuming this all happened. What happens so so so? I'm in a bit of a panicky pickle trying to get some some of my tax return. Turn right so I go onto the website as you're supposed to do log into my cow try to retrieve them. It won't let me confirm my identity. Even though yeah you just heard one of the real life pitfalls of recording in the trail. They're going to call you back to say yeah but this. This is what happens we expected that again. If stern was in the cab and I heard the horn honk car offered as a pedestrian in the way we need to tell everybody. Let's get so just wanted everyone to know that Rudy are wonderful set base. PA Just told us it's time so anyway in a pickle and so I had to get these tax returns. It couldn't confirm my identity when let me even though I know I put in my right information because it's my information so I know it's right then. It wasn't working. It wasn't working last saint or today so then I had to call them and then the man on the phone was trying to help me and then he was like okay yeah. It's not working can can you try in an hour and I was like is anything going to change in the hour and he was like full system reboot or something no. He's just like it's not working right now like it didn't work last night. It's not working right now. It's not gonNa work in an hour and it's time sensitive and I need it and also like these are important documents documents like I need to be able to access them and he was saying it was an issue on their end and I was like okay so is that going to get fixed and he's like Ma'am and then he was getting so frustrated. Ask Me and then I got mad. Are you out of your mind. Sir like this no so then I asked to speak to a supervisor great and then it took like a longtime. The supervisor came on and then. I don't think it was a supervisor. I think it was his friend. Yes launch from yes so then I started to tell the story and then it cut off in the middle and we went to the survey hung up on me okay and you give them a survey and I was ready to give a horrible survey and the survey didn't work so so this is a nightmare it is it is a do want to say one thing okay just because I have I have to write. I I sometimes feel bad for these businesses that like the people who built the business a really thorough in hardworking but then as you grow inevitably just have to hire a bunch the people that you're going to get some bad eggs right and then they ruined your whole business because there's some Turkey who make zero effort and also often. Can you see these big businesses basically taken out by some dip shit. I now the veil Dez whatever both those were doing the fuck in oil rig in the in the goal. It's it's like you know. I don't know when when armchair expert eventually has six hundred nine employees. Someone's going to really shift the bad and we're going to be like. Oh my God we were just taken canal by this. Bozo cast never having because we're GONNA say no way man operation forever. I'M GONNA go out on a limb and say that. H&R Block did not use ziprecruiter. Oh now because that's not a qualified can't that's right. They did not to two of them and bad survey system not good. Oh boy no well. Let's just don't WanNa get sued by each in our book. Have you had a good experience prior to this back from the ledge. They are evil. Oh my gosh you're gonNA take wait. Why how can I can't get sued for having an opinion about a place. You can't but this to me. I can't even an opinion. This is what it runs the risk of I hate when celebrities tweet some grievance about an airline but you tweeted about the prescriptions I did. You're right I did. You did that exact criminal. Yeah this feels but when people are like. Oh cool thanks I'm so glad I sat on the runway for fifteen minutes jetblue or whatever the tweet and I'm like you know I just wrote. I'm just trying to protect you from that. I get it and I don't like it when people do that either and I thought about it on my drive is that I can talk about this. Yes in you and I gotTA support your decisions and I do the the other thing is i. Sometimes we'll try to imagine like if I see a movie. That is fucking garbage. I will not bash it publicly. Oh no no because people were so hard to make the movie the is sometimes I tried to extend that to like all assume all businesses are working really hard to try to be good well with the exception of my prescription provider. H Plot clearly early. Sometimes they're not look. I it's not Howard and Ronald blocks all these customer service parents block yes again. We're the nephews all say oh boy according to really fun update update now. I'm getting a fake eyeball attached to my My face looks like a piece of Bacon is hanging from your face right now. Yeah it's it's it's real grody. Now it is it is I like it or are we talking and we were talking. We're talking about your issues with customer service service experience in our block now have in the break. Did you rethink it or you still have conviction that it was the right move so since this since we we spoke last ten minutes ago. TAXI CAB has stopped in a couple of different places. That's right so what happened is. I had these printed out. I had a hard copies so what I had had to do was take pictures of every single. Pane twenty-seven pages tournament a pdf exactly do a little dock scam now. The problem is for one of these tax returns. I'm missing the front page K. K. so nope and so then I tried to get online again. Maybe something's changed. Maybe maybe I'll change my mind about. Hr Block and I can't even get into the website now or do you think maybe that they have ban you from the whole service yes and so I'm retaliating but it's interesting. These somehow had an inkling that you were going to do this loud you know they decided to lock you out of your account well. I got pretty ornery on the phone did you did you curse at all no cursing but very stern almost disappointed in myself if I they get to the point where the customer service person where I swear because I just imagine they're recording all of it so when the whole thing becomes public or an court transcript descript olive kind of lost the upper hand by having sworn I did feel a little nervous that this person knows my social security number and is mad mad at me and is a stranger. It is yeah it's not the ideal person to pick a fight with no of the nuclear option. Well look if my if my identity get stolen L. my God I'm taking. Hr Block I mean that that companies are going to rally and take it all the way down all the way or grazed what what does it purdue Pharma seen all this stuff about purdue right there Chelsea no no no part of the people who made perdue who made oxy cotton file bankruptcy because of all these lawsuits. There may not like twelve billion or something like that allow good also so we we definitely agree that this pharmaceutical is not purdue chicken. I don't even know about purdue chicken huge huge right and it's a college Yeah College College. My college was a chicken college because if you drove by on all the processing on the the loop you drove on along the loop on the east side and you get a nice with a chicken aw stinky chicken of chicken carrion really rotten chicken yeah yeah dead chicken trigger warning weight Rod. Can you take picture of this. It is a pretty unique. It's act checked experience a look for sure okay so so Dave Dave asprey burning my eye. I'm sure that fast little passenger so he said that he was the first guy to sell anything over the Internet hard to substantiate right very I did not in fact substantiate that so this is what is the first online the transaction was by some reports marijuana sold by Stanford students to MIT students via the arpanet account at their artificial intelligence lab lap in one thousand nine hundred seventy two. Oh my goodness however the first online shopping transaction on the Internet took place some twenty two years later the sale between two friends of a sting reading CD okay that time said a resale of stings eating right right so anyway but I didn't I in in in all of this I did not see his name come up in regards to the first two being the first correct now the interesting thing about the MIT it stanford marijuana transaction is so far away three thousand miles that doesn't seem like the ideal person to sell weed too because now you've got the logistical issue issue of getting it to mit right yeah exactly but maybe they wanted a big challenge. I'm nervous. This is pulling down my eye and then I'm going to have a really wrinkly ride right. I at the end of this day. Do you think that's possible. I don't think you're GONNA no. I think you're okay. Can I see like That's wow listeners can wait for you to see ooh earlier. He had a big brews and I got very scared. Pop out for you. It was a big pop out. It was a makeup bruise on my abdomen and you thought it was real yeah and your eyes and actual pop out. Your hobbies literally popped out yes. I'm excited to know what happened. Why what is the Cheshire really begs is a lot of questions right it does. I don't know that we're declaring one way or another whether he possibly sold something earlier and it just was never documented. Yeah I mean I'm sure he he was early. Sure I'm sure early. People love being the first they do think in inordinately so I know all of it I I was just I had a nice long chat with Bradley when I was in New York this weekend and we were just talking about all those things those ego things where it really all comes back Delano saying that he watched them. Take Down Elvis Statue. You know isn't that sum it all up lot Elvis Presley took the statue down in front of Casino. Oh 'cause they said people don't know who Elvis's anymore..

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