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As much as in previous year. Negotiated cash bit cal. Trade was limited with live demand in all feeding reaches through friday afternoon. According to agricultural marketing service last week prices were generally wanted two dollars higher on a live basis in the texas panhandle at one hundred twenty one two hundred and twenty dollars hundred weight. They were dollar higher in kansas one. Twenty-one three dollars higher in nebraska at one twenty five and one to two dollars higher in the western corn belt at one twenty five to one twenty six dress trade was two dollars higher in nebraska at one hundred ninety dollars but for three dollars higher to three dollars lower in the western corn belt. That one nine eight surging wholesale beef fags position squaring and stronger cashback cal prices all be with anemic trade helped buoy cattle futures friday live cattle futures closed an average of seventy eight cents higher from thirty cents to a dollar twenty to hire week-to-week. They closed an average of a dollar and eleven cents. Higher griffith note strengthen the finish cala market is uncommon at this point in the summer but price action is conveying the message. The packers need cattle to continue capitalizing on strong beef prices. They're beginning to pay more for what is beginning to look like a more limited supply. Wholesale prices continued to provide overall market support choice box. Beef cut out value a seventeen dollars and eighty cents higher week to week on friday afternoon at two hundred ninety six dollars and twenty six cents one hundred weight select with seventeen dollars and ninety cents higher to seventy seven. Oh nine although it's too early to tell if higher prices the last two weeks or new solely to labor day push griffis says the fact that prices increased nearly twenty five dollars during that time indicates the price increase might be due to more than that after better than expected employment for july major. Us financial emphasis once again closed record highs on friday although the nasdaq was down to report from the labor department showed nine hundred forty three thousand new jobs last month which brought the unemployment rate down to five point four percent. The dow jones industrial average closed one hundred forty four points higher. The s&p five hundred close points higher but the nasdaq was down. Fifty nine points the. Us red meat exports closed the first half of this year at record levels according to data released by usda compiled by the us meat export federation. Although volume and value east from the enormous total. posted in april-may export value in june was still the highest on the record for the month. And first half shipments established a record pace for both beef and pork exports june beef exports totaled one hundred twelve thousand two hundred and forty nine metric tons of forty two percent from a year ago when exports were still hampered lack bid related slowdown down production. Export value was eight hundred. Four point four million dollars sixty percent from a year ago and the third highest on record after april may of this year first half exports reached seven hundred thousand eighty seven metric tons of eighteen percent from a year ago valued at four point six four billion dollars which was twenty eight percent compared to two thousand eighteen the record year for usb exports first-half results. Were up six percent for volume and fifteen percent for value. According to us mef president and ceo down hallstrom us mef had expected a continued strong performance gene for both beef and pork exports despite significant headwinds. He note twenty twenty. One has presented many formidable challenges to the us industry including a very tight labor situation. Logistical obstacles that slow product movement and food service restrictions in many key markets. So the fact the first half exports reached record levels speaks to the loyalty of our international customer base. Strong consumer demand for high quality nutritious. Us red meat and the us industry's ability to adapt to a challenging and rapidly changing business. Climate hallstrom says he adds. There's also been a welcome rebound and beef and pork variety volumes which have been down last year beef export value quite at three hundred fifty one dollars cents per hit of fed slaughter in june Sixty percent from last june's cove impacted average. The first half per head average was three hundred and fifty nine dollars and forty nine cents up twenty percent from a year ago also pork exports reached two hundred and thirty eight thousand nine hundred and thirty five metric tonnes in june fifteen percent from your ago while pork export value climbed thirty five percent to six hundred ninety six point eight million dollars first-half pork exports plot last year's record pace by one percent at one point. Five eight million metric tonnes valued at four point. Three three billion dollars which was up seven percent.

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