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With econo- junior in safety. Oh you do madden. Take another careers. A camera finds and says this person can. This guy can own a major part. This guy can own. A movie was part of television. Well in many ways it was familiar because you know the acting was very similar to singing without it. Just didn't have the music but it was. It was a completely different skill set. I had done it in school. I did high school musicals and things like that very quickly. I realized this is just another way of using my brain as an artist with different technique in front of a camera And and being the type of perform. That i am which is i love being on stage. I love with forming. I love pretending fantasizing going all of these different places. It felt like a natural transition. Also i started very slowly. The first movie i did was unstoppable cast. Call the memphis belle. I was surrounded by some the world's best actor. John lithgow david van matthew modine and wait it out that you are somebody they could hold. Your own is can take a scene and make a specialist. We must have felt pretty excited by coming out of that because it is som- lacasse vaccinated talents. Also daunting it can be remember. I was of the belief that if you're an extra not an extra. Because i wasn't an extra but if i didn't have any lines in a scene don't do anything so i remember standing on the outside of this group and become friends with matthew modine throughout the process of filming and he called me over one day and i wish i could do a better impression of him. But he's very soft spoken very elegant guy he says hey Do you wanna be a movie star and assisted. What do you mean he says. Do you wanna be a movie star. I'm like oh yeah. Who doesn't he said the next time we shoot a scene together. Come stand right next to me. I said why he said. Because i'm getting paid the most so if you want to be seen. Don't play this i'm not gonna do anything. Crap comes stand next to me. So i was glued to that. Got him for the rest of the movie in i never thought of. It is daunting. I just thought of it. As died exciting. I never felt adverse to to risks or or there had any ambitious. Really what did you prefer doing. The movies or television shows like will and grace. They're all so so different. It's like jill. I my wife. We have three children. You can't pick favorites. You know so. Music is is home base. So i have the most familiarity with that. Doing willing grace's is a specific kind of challenge. That you can't get anywhere else. Where you learn a script on monday for the tuesday rehearsal and at tuesday they give you a brand new script. 'cause they change all the jokes and then wednesday you come in prepared and they give you a whole new script and then thursday on shoot day. It's all another significance and so when you shoot the show in shoot it take and then in front of a live audience and they take a break for ten minutes and completely rewrite the scene and give you new lines. it's they. Eric you say this w state is harry. Say this sean. You say this mega that. It's just a incredibly fast paced. You better be paying attention. You're gonna get crushed. I love those. Those thrills i've lived. That's what i that's what i live for covid hits and your world turns upside down because there's nowhere to entertain audiences energy to feed off. How did you steal a couple of days when you when you realize that everything you love to do wasn't available anymore. My heart was broken for the people who are out there risking their lives for the rest of his. It really really was. I thought about the health. Care workers I thought about the teachers. I thought about all of the folks who didn't have a luxury of staying at home And whose job. It was to make sure that our lives rant smoothly. I really thought about that honestly. I didn't think about me really. And then as time went on is like if you take that our that's in the window sill so happy to get watered and get some at every day when you take it off the cell and then you bring it into the basement and you put in a closet and close the door. That's what the performer. Me thought like i was wilton in the past for example with katrina in new orleans. You jumped right in there because it was available to you in this case said you're kind of locked away. I mean you're you're isolating like in the world so you go through whole range of emotions with that or is it. Did you just generally one day j. I gotta do something with my life at the time. Not only did. I have a desire to perform. But i i wanted to reach out and connect with people that i thought maybe in similar situations i did ten series ten. Show little thing in my basement. Call hunker down with harry which was like a youtube thing. That was just doing entertained people. Because i thought maybe they might like some distraction. Diversion and i would like some action that version and everybody thought about it like what about my career like that. That actually never cross my mind when you do a youtube video and you're playing like we are right now computer. It must be so different for you because one of the things that always find your career even if this fifteen thousand people or or is this intimacy that you are performing in their living room. You always had this incredible sense of presence as opposed to being held big. Can i be. it's it's how can i can i be with you. This craft to performing in front of camera and so right now. I'm actually looking at your computer. I'm looking into the camera. Couple that with a sincere desire to touch people. I feel like child. I guess i i love the idea of wonder and excitement and spontaneity in the -bility so i never really think about what.

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