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That's implicit it in starting all this insurrection President Trump his crony Giuliani Trump Jr and then that Congressman, How can you go ahead and charge all of these people? These three quarter drug dealers and not go after the guy that's bringing this stuff in from the country? Sometimes it takes me about an analogy, but sometimes it takes more time. To build the case against the drug lords at the top, and you use the people who are you know this the street dealers you use those people in order to build a case that ultimately leads to the top, If that's what I don't know if that's actually what they're doing, you know that if the FBI they have that office legal counsel memo, office of the Legal counsel memo From years and years ago that says that you cannot indict a sitting president. It is not the law. It was an opinion that was written by the legal counsel's office in the White House many many years ago. Isn't it Hasn't Here's another thing tapped? I mean, I'm a security adviser for for for an operation Nowhere needed to what's going on here nationally, but It is so easy to trace people who fly. It would be so easy to get a list of all of those people that flew into the nation's capital two days prior to that up until that day, and just go back and just trace that, of course, is going to take a little bit of time. But that is one of the easiest things that you can do. A Zafar is finding out who was their flight in two days before And flying out the day of or the day after, but you have too much, but you also have to be very careful because if you're looking at people who are flying to a rally, that's a permitted rally those air legal of legal activities that they're engaging in. There's nothing illegal about doing that. Now, if it's simply part of the investigative process in order to interview those people to see if their potential witnesses, that's fine, But you have to have evidence that they've done something illegal. Before you open any Kind of an investigation against those individuals. In the meantime, I you know, they said that this is gonna take a long time. It's gonna take more than months and frankly, I found that encouraging because that means to me that this is going to be an ongoing investigation that serious about pursuing these individuals and let me to say this It's about damn time. It is about damn time. These groups are so utterly dangerous to America. They've infiltrated everything you know. There were police officers who were participants. Police officers who flew in from other places around the country who participated in this. There were members of the United States military and retired members of the military. And, you know, we've spoken of this before that the military has had this huge problem with right wing extremists and racist within there. Ranks. There again is a situation where you're operating under the UCMJ A and you can't figure out a way to get those individuals out of the ranks of the military. I can discharge him. You know, just discharge him court martial. Um you participation in these kinds of groups is a violation of the uniform code of military justice Do not tolerate it any longer. It is too serious to Molly Coddle. It is too serious not to take these things for what they are true threats to American democracy will be right back. 80 88 tennis the telephone number. 80 88 10. This is K G o In your attic. Fully.

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