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You're broke you can't even pay the debt to the city of bellflower yep on paying it off pay today now i mean i could put donald i'll be both for the rest of the month well they broadcast motherfucker i just proved it yep now when people say rolling by they but they don't know the truth i don't know you like you are broadcast motherfucker now i'm a survivor that's what i never walk providing for a family of fourteen minutes you're not fourteen year nineteen and you go and write down my lifestyle was that i've been working on my life that's all so what you have not by the bank to show for nothing you don't own any you don't own how condominium you don't own anything you got nothing you got nothing in the bank got my nice little hot rod is cool all you got a hot rod that's great so what what's the point of all this i don't get it because i different positions jerry why you know why we're in different positions because i was smart and you're an idiot plot to leave the wife and just but your own go that's what you know you're happy with that so that's the thing i found if i leave i'm by myself who who you don't have time you don't have time for relationship you're supposed to be working your ass off making money saving planning having an emergency fund these are the things you're supposed to be doing but you're a little boy pretending to be a man and so you're not doing any of that stuff later by the way you are on public assistance argue word the word people who more welfare and i'll bet you're one of them got a welfare how about a bt card do you get old whoa oh i pay we'll find out at the highest where to find out i'm fucked no i mean i do do that shit but i don't do that because the irs find out what what about the irs ears that i'm abusing taxpayers getting monthly income by the government i have babies you can't afford who's going to pay for those yeah i asked you questions both of us that'd be sending us in control that let me let me tell you here's what you're going to find out the minute she has a baby she's quitting she's quite oh yeah well yeah duck the baby yeah right so who do you think you'd have to make up the difference in income it's you yes you'll you'll be making.

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