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I'm still a little new to the space but I'm not enormous me. I'm thinking some that only knows of bitcoin because they see the headlines and they vaguely no. It's a thing the tough sell. I feel like especially right now with with the price. The price is always going to be volatile. But like with more on a downtrend. Downtrend is if you give someone for Christmas like Hey. Here's fifty bucks in Bitcoin. And then they look at it the next day and it's like thirty Bucks Bitcoin to them they're like This is weird weird and does that like immediately turn them off or you just have to really just keep pitching the other side of it and rather than the pricing well. Well there's two sides of this number one. You should know their address if you sit the Bitcoin so you can keep adding to it. Like a dog barks right like I mean. They'll never see a fall right like if he really needed to address that but yes to your point. It's a very serious one and I agree like if they just see constantly falling. which is what happened to a lot of people including myself? I gave it to my father in law take. My brother-in-law gave it to you. My friends family and they saw it go down and they mentioned that to me several times. And it's not unwarranted. Right it you know I put Michael Sausage a post op or is comment. I think it's really relevant. He said would be safe to say that. People's general perception is that it's not a future of currency but rather a specula- speculative asset and I say that's absolutely what it is right now. I mean that's the perception isn't perception's reality if you're looking to grow something and so whether you're a celebrity TV host and you're trying to get the next big GIG or your musician and everybody thinks you've music sucks when I was gonNA play or no one's GonNa hire you know who's GonNa Bring you about. No one's GonNa buy or use you. If they think you're speculative assets keeps going down so great point Mike on whether she wrote that But you know I look at this like I have never had a problem at least explaining the basics and what bitcoin able to do gyp right and we've conversation numerous accounts like you came in here a little bit. I don't WanNA say risk is you're pretty level headed dude but you know you came into a new space as someone who I you know we. We talked about you coming on the show because I know how entertaining engaging in what's we unleash you to this crowds this group. You're going to be a a national treasure. Is your to bitcoin space right. You're just really exciting. Jimmy Fallon style. I appreciate so much you know. Now you hyper me up over here thank you. I also compared you Jimmy Fallon which I hate so you breed 'em all yourself. He's literally right there fair enough. We talked about this every time about the finish statement up. It's this it's that. Is bitcoin spectacle of it is. It's absolutely speculative speculative even if you don't want it to be speculative too bad. Had your speculating. That is going to go up. At some point you know and you know so because it is what it is and because it's it's that in that area once it becomes was non speculative it becomes a very stable asset. And you know let's be real people the fact that is volatile even when it's negatively volatile and when it's going down it's still leaves these hope that it's GonNa be volatile back up right. So that's we gotta take the good with bad because it can go down also allows it to go up. Yeah yeah like Tim Pace Ace in the chat whether they look at it and at seventy five. That's a great point because that gets people even more excited and I'm glad you brought up giving it to your family members in the path and I mean I'm sure you're known amongst your family as the Crypto Guy. Because you are the Crypto Guy Your your your Maine Man Joe Blackburn. The cryptovest belongs all of us but especially especially blogs Joe Blackburn. But do you have those people you know people. There are a lot of people that talk about how they dread the political discussion or something coming when I get home but When they go home for the holidays do you have someone in your family? That's ready to like pounce on you every Thanksgiving or Christmas to be like ha ha. What's up with your bitcoin? Coin now bud or someone who has been like on you about it and how. It's like not a thing and all that shit see it's really interesting thing like I'm I am the person who does that to everybody else right. And I'm so versed in arguments in so composed in being able to articulate. I thought that nobody messes with me right. If they're going to talk about it they're going to do it behind my back which is fine. Because I'll find him anyways and I'll hear about it but I don't I really don't I don't have the fighters now. I do have friends that I'll see during like Thanksgiving break that they're like. Oh bitcoin didn't they fall from my twenty thousand and they just make jokes. But it's I don't really deal with that the hateful a lot of others do have to and so. I'm more concerned about that political discussion before. I am a bitcoin discussion but I also have a lot of people who support me and they also have seen what bitcoin because I wasn't talking about them about Bitcoin with them at twenty thousand. I was talking to bitcoin talking to them about bitcoin. When it was five six seven hundred right so get a little bit of credibility with between there between those those this price about mark's? Yeah Yeah and I guess the tie it all in it comes down until like you know. Never mind just the normies because again. I'm I'm basing it from a newer perspective and I see a lot. The people in the community get pretty down because the pricing which I understand you know people. It's an investment people have money and it's it's like a lot to ride on sometimes but it he feels like people get super negative or just Kinda shut down a bit and then I feel like so what are what are your tips to keep the fire alive so to speak in some of these not as exciting times so you know we have to change changed the discussion and Jim. That was a really good point. You just made to like the conversation has to be able to continue right. There has to be that moment where you as an individual you'll figure out these are. These are the points that really matter about bitcoin. And that's an ideological and political comment con. It's a political conversation and and I mean it's not a political in a way that Americans politics. It's just a complete change in the way that you want to be governed and how you're explaining that to somebody else. Why that's that's important to you so mixing that you know without being confrontational and shutting somebody off? It's very very delicate. And the moment you start talking about if you're talking about price you kinda remove all the politics right. If you're talking about ideology it come. It becomes a political comment. It becomes a political conversation ideological conversation and audio ideology and politics often. You know that's kind of the same thing right. You know. We find out real quickly where people stand when you start giving perspective on why you believe in something or why you want this candidate or something right and it is no different than when bitcoins doing. Because when you start talking about your your privacy people can relate to that people can understand. Oh shoot yeah part privacy. Oh look at what facebook did and they had to go to Congress and explain themselves look at Cambridge Analytica. Look at all these other things things that have huge effects on our life right now. How do we change that? How do we take hold of that in cryptocurrency blockchain bitcoin allow that concept of starts seeping in right and so to me? It's supporting a certain style of interacting with people that I don't want to interact with right. They're going to try to interact with me one way or the next whether it be a marketer whether it be a a hacker whether it be somebody how do I protect myself in the most ways possible and this is a very basic way explaining. I know ashes watching. She could probably say thousand things to me right now but how I'm saying it wrong but I like like to keep this really simple. When you're opening up the conversation it has to be number one interesting and number two if you're gonNA fight with them they're not gonNA walk away with a pleasant attitude? Yeah I mean I have. Jim was the last argument with something about something with somebody that you already kind of disagreed with or did really find as a relevant or even maybe even then a credible point and be like. Oh well we just had this huge argument argument not now. I completely understand rare. especially if you're getting into Internet argument demand like it's even it's going to be even worse absolutely so you know it's funny because we briefly talked about ripple just right before we went live but I'll bring ripple up if I if I talk about P with somebody who does not know anything about bitcoin or Crypto. They're always like Oh yeah but but extra ripple and that's something I'll well listen. This is something I'll listen to and it's so funny to me. I mean not. Because they they they don't understand the reasons why I may have certain prejudices against it or whatnot but you know they. Hey look at it. Even though it's had a very similar path than going up and then coming back down as Bitcoin heck the bitcoin is gone down less than go has from. Its all time high which was three dollars and you know like sixty cents or something and now. Today's like twenty five twenty eight twenty nine cents something along those lines and you know I bring rip or they bring up rebel to me and it's a very different conversation because they feel so much more safe about potentially what ripple might do for the whole world and it's simply because of the affiliation with what banks are doing right. It makes them feel safe. It's familiar familiar. It's those same things that that crypto struggles with because the US isn't great ripple is familiar. It's something that they could feel like they can relate to or it makes it a little bit of sense and it because it has a practical application from the minimum that they know about it minimal amount that they know about it but even though that has such a negative in horrible you know Price price differentiation from. It's all time high the price of this today it they don't they don't take into effect that the same things that they do for Bitcoin like they forgive ripple certain things which Chom fine with forgive him get him in let them learn about the space the ripple. That's fine by me because a lot of them will then take except like. Oh Wow I see what the space is doing. So I don't have a problem here. Expertise even lower than I thought. Twenty two cents right. That's what Tim says anyways but Sorry for the long Turner. That's completely fine and pardon my ignorance a and obviously you don't have to get to do it but what is it about ripple that defended more or that is more familiar. Is it just what what is is it. Just well let's let's back up a little bit ago ripple and Ex Arpey are technically not the same thing. Okay okay there's a difference the the the the ripple network ripple blockchain okay is is is different than what the X.. RPI token is right now. I will admit sometimes oftentimes when I'm transferring. A certain amount of of of anything of of any CRYPTO is consolidated in the ripple. And then I send it because is fast and I love being able to explain to people how fast ripple as I have no problem problem with the the use case ripple It it exists. There's there's something and it to me the only use case I found a ripple is literally you know. Sitting my tokens for point eight. The point be and then disseminating back into other other coins or wherever or caching something out of I need to but you know ripple I do I don't want to hate all on ripple and say everything. The thing about them is bad. But what makes people feel familiar and what they okay themselves with is that it has affiliation with banks that is built around around transfers for banks from bank to bank transactions at a large scale right and to me. That's a really strong and great great conversation opener and I hate to encourage ripple in any way but if that's the way that you have to have a conversation with somebody to at least have them take you seriously I think that's okay right now. I mean I go on and on about things I don't like about ripple I I definitely have issues as what crypto and blockchain and and Bitcoin are supposed to or what they were intended to be. But that is that's very quickly dissipating like the blockchain is for whatever use case you want to as long as it's legal right and I got no issues whatsoever with with people having a conversation about about report early on right. It's just important that you also mentioned why there's differences and that's that should be its own show. That's probably something I need to bring Ashworth back on so she can explain. She doesn't really well. So yeah you think X.. Surpise going to rise from the BTC ashes or what since BTC's.

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