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I did notice very specifically with him. He was doing material. Right. And then once you evolve to the green room, where once the show evolved to the green room, it's much more what it's like for comics before they go on stage shooting the shit and being just real with each other and even just non PC, which is what you do to kind of rev yourself up to kind of get yourself going before you get on stage. Yeah, I wanted the green room to really be organic. It was zero prep for the show. I mean, I knew they were because I knew who the guests were, you know, there were a couple of things that I knew I wanted to talk about a particular, I knew with Roseanne Barr, I wanted to talk about this controversial photo that she had done. But other than that, there was no crap and there was no format. In fact, there's a couple of episodes where people go, what do we do on this show? Bobby slayton, in particular, you can hear from the movie. What are we doing on this show? And the other people go on this is it. We're just sitting and talking and it was like shocking even to the people who are doing the show. The real prep for me was putting the groups of people together. That was really, there's a lot of science behind it. I mean, I really like I scrapped entire shows because one of the four people dropped out, it wasn't the kind of thing we just go well who's available. It wasn't that. It was all about the chemistry and the connections or the lack of connections that people had put in Roseanne and Patrice together was a major major thing. I don't know if you're familiar with Patrice O'Neill, a lot of people know Patrice O'Neill from the open AP show and Colin Quinn's top crowd and Patrice will dominate, but by putting him on the show with Roseanne. Now I knew Roseanne Roseanne had seen Patrice and she thought this guy's really good, but Patrice didn't know that, and I asked Patrice to come on the show and I put Roseanne on it because I knew that Roseanne being a megastar is prior to her recent conflicts. I knew that it would keep Patrice in line that Patrice could dominate because how can you dominate when there's a megastar on the panel with you? And Bob Saget, I knew that Bob Saget and Patrice had worked together in the past. And I also know bob sag and I've known Bob Saget since the mid 70s. And I know that it's impossible to get bob to actually have a conversation. I knew that Patrice doesn't allow people not to have a conversation. So I thought Roseanne will keep Patrice in a certain place, Patrice will keep Bob Saget in a certain place. And I put Sandra Bernhard on because it gave Rosanna level a comfort. She was happy that there was another woman on the show. Happy that somebody she had a relationship with. They had a lot of inside jokes. So that dynamic was very, very particular. And I think what came out on that show is certainly from Patrice and from Roseanne as well. And even from sagging at one point, I gave him crap on the show for full House. And it's the first time in all the years I've known Bob Saget. It was the first time he ever actually addressed that. We were ever actually explained why he made that choice when at the time, every comedian thought that was a sellout choice..

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