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This'd be the Super Bowl after 9 11 and you saw the horses pulling the wagon across a beautiful Americana. Countrysides bridges, snowcapped, blue collar town, small cities over a bridge. And then in the field before the skyline of New York City With the Statue of Liberty in the background, Clydesdales took a knee Dad was called Respect. It worked for me. It's still works for me. I thought that was and and by the way You know, they're having a both ways, aren't they? At the end of the day? It's a commercial. They want you to buy beer, right? I mean, it was what? It was a wonderful tribute to what we're all thinking and feeling and you just couldn't help it. Get choked up and say Thank you, Budweiser. Oh, that's right. They want me to buy their beer. Critical if you haven't mentioned the wiener Dog stampede. E. More more like that, please. Which one was that Steve? It was, I think there's a Heinz commercial where it was just the stampede of little dogs. The wiener dogs wearing the wieners on their backs and the buns, and there's like 100 of them. Yeah, I'm sure I'd recognize it if I saw it, but I love it. I love that commercial. And don't even remember it. There was one with the Clydesdales where they're playing football, and the ad starts with You're watching a Clydesdale running through the snow and you see a tire track almost like a sideline and you see the hoofs come right up to the tire track. A straight line. And then with a bit of every winds in place again, little a little, and then you keep saying it over and over again. You what am I looking at? And then they cut to a scene of two sets of Clydesdales in a field. And Zebra with his head in the little replay booth, and and then you cut to a couple of cowboys and the one cowboy says to the other. This referee's of jackass on the other Cowboys is no. He's a zebra and works every time and it is now playing on the big screen for it. I just showed you the wiener dog Wiener dogs racing and people dressed up this ketchup investor. There's the winner trucks. The weird times. Running through a field dressed is with little buns around them. I mean, right? Yeah. Who doesn't want more of that? If you can guarantee more of that than yes. Okay. 3129817 200 Yes. Two big, fat rich corporate sponsors giving a Super Bowl ads. Or no. Do you want Budweiser in or do you want Budweiser Rock? You want Pepsi? And you want Pepsi out? Clearly, I've sort of put my finger on the scale here. But maybe you have a point to make about this. I don't understand it. They found 3129817 200 just called me right now. Special. If you agree we'll take your call. I promise. Professor at Dartmouth, who said, we have a pandemic that is casting a pall over just about everything. Another professor at Villanova, said. I think the advertisers are correctly picking up on this being a riskier year for the Super Bowl with covert and economic uncertainty. People aren't necessarily in the best mood to begin with. That's why we need wiener dogs with buns around them running through a field. That's why we need Cindy Crawford's pulling upto soda machines and getting a Pepsi. I'm not that much kidding about this. I'm on that side. 3129817 200. I wonder what Dr Kevin Most thinks, by the way about the kids going back to school in Chicago and the teacher's going back to school. It's so hard to get a clear read on the teacher's not going back to school because You knew 1000 years ago that the teachers and the school district would clash that they would not come to terms all that earthy, CPS said. We do not want you going back. It's not safe. The teachers today would be arguing that they must go back. It's the only way to teach those two always disagree. It always starts with CPS, saying Here's a policy and then see to you because they're powerful union because they've negotiated with these people and had to fight. They immediately put on their armor and they start fighting. That's just that that happens every single day. If the Chicago public School System said, We believe that tomorrow the Senate's going to rise in the East The teachers would say Now, you just wait one minute. And then the fun begins. So it's hard to get a clear read on this. My current thinking is that you gotta go back. And if you can't go back or don't want to go back to and don't, But then you're not going to be a school teacher in the Chicago public school system that sounds terribly jaded, and that's my shorthand for it. It's a longer conversation, but that's where we are today. I'm going to ask Dr Kevin most, he's not the decider. I just wonder what he thinks about the safety of teachers going into classrooms, kids going into classrooms and then going home to their respective places and may be spreading it. Is that Is that a risk we can manage? Pick up a phone line or two bill. You start your on WGN radio. Good morning, Bill. A number one first comment If to me those big adds, Pull out the Super Bowl. Probably be on TV. They wanted forward to put it on. Yeah, I doubt that. But somebody will take their place. What else do you want to say about the second thing was about the teachers. Grew up during the polio epidemic. We had school we had teachers We used. You Just make sure you work your hands and didn't hug kids And don't make that kind of stuff. That's all. We went to school every day, but the poulet poulet was polio contagious that way. Yes, it was. It was contagion. Cubits need on the guy and get pulled ago. And yet you still went back into the school We wanted we went to school every day. We never had no school out because vaccine when discovered all 50..

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