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Seventies and eighties work out Cynthia I'm look come back to me okay okay it would you like to go next sure I mean it was one of the things I was going to say is the the the answer to that question that no one really wants to hear is exercise and and and so that's important and I think another another huge killer is stress so do whatever you can to reduce the stress in your life that's much easier said than done but it's really important because it will it will get you and what do you do to reduce your stress to actually I I'm I meditate and I also tell myself don't do that you know I mean a lot of other disciplines yeah I mean a lot of times on and off and get myself in trouble with with projects or something and and then I go my god you know this is so stressful so I decided I'm not doing that anymore but five article you have to have lived a while before you lived learn that lesson okay what's your top tip when I go to get three the bronze medal position is essential to your own body because everyone's different you come take any common denominator into account to very much extent to what works for you in the film L. position is write me a large check so that I can another okay the only if you have actually done that my my global business get Larry pace to write me a check as well thank you all very much I hope you've all enjoyed tonight's program brought to you sorry I'm so sorry Cynthia well I believe what I said about Brussels sprouts number one number two exercise number three taking time to be happy having good social bonds actually does increase your your lifespan education is correlated with lifespan staying active mentally I think is is is good I think diet is important all right personally I think you should just keep your eye on it they're all sorts of different kinds of diets I personally at a low glycemic index diet which may or may not be good for you there's that but I think it is but I don't know because there aren't very good studies really if it's very difficult to do studies of diet some people just hard on intermittent fasting is another thing that's become very popular diets ketogenic diets keep your eye on the literature people are starting to do real studies now scientific studies about these inspecting your food can be quite important so those are the things and also I think I just want to win one more little point about our breed with a reset I shouldn't do this but he said that we have a duty to predict how long it's going to take I think we don't have a duty to protect I think what we have a duty to do is to tell you what can happen in animals and that there are many different ways of slowing down aging in animals the really different from one another with enough time to go into all of them and we're animals right so maybe they'll work in us but they might not but to me that's the responsible thing to say and if they do it through thick right thank you very much Cynthia so I hope you've all enjoyed at this evening's program brought to you by the Commonwealth club Silicon Valley again I would like to thank Dr Aubrey de grey Dr Robert hurry ready Dr Cynthia Kenyon and chip Walter for being here tonight and I'd like to thank our audience here in Palo alto and they were those of us joining us on the radio and now at this meeting of the Commonwealth club is adjourned this event took place in late January the panelists include Dr Robert Herrera MD neurosurgeon or bridge gray my medical juror anthologist Cynthia Kenyon molecular biologist and geneticist and science journalist chip Walter author of the book immortality ink renegade science Silicon Valley billions and the quest to live forever here's a look at some authors who recently appeared or will be appearing soon on book TV's afterwards our weekly author interview program that includes best selling non fiction books and guest interviewers last week Pulitzer Prize winning journalists Nicholas Christoff and Cheryl were done discussed issues facing the working class and rural America coming up new America senior fellow Lee Druckmann will argue that the way to save American democracy is to create more political parties Washington times columnist cal Thomas weighs in on whether the United States will remain a superpower used to be when you have an election the losing side would go look at swoons they've had meetings how do we read to our message how do we win next time now it's how do we bring this guy down this person down M. they were arguing about impeachment the Democrats were even before the election and certainly the day or two after some of the quotes from some of the more radical members of Congress that's not the way to do it and this poisons the atmosphere as people said during his recent impeachment fiasco impeachment was supposed to be rare and now I fear that when Republicans get back in control of both houses of Congress and there's a democratic president they're going to go the same route and that that will polarize and poison the political atmosphere even more than it is now which is bad enough afterwards airs Saturdays at ten PM and Sundays at nine PM eastern and Pacific on book TV on C-SPAN true all previous afterwards are available as podcasts and to watch online at book TV dot org here are some of the current best selling non fiction books according to the Wall Street journal at the top of the list is a very stable genius in which The Washington Post White House bureau chief Philip Rucker and staff writer Caroline egg suggests that the trump presidency has been defined by self enrichment after that is Peter Schweitzer's critical investigation into progressive politicians in his latest book profiles in corruption then in built not born businessman Tom Golisano offers this advice for entrepreneurs Tara Westover recalls growing up in the Idaho mountains and her introduction to formal education at age seventeen in her book educated it's been on the best seller list for two years and wrapping up our look at some of the best selling non fiction books according to the Wall Street journal he is becoming former First Lady Michelle Obama's memoir which was the best selling book.

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