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Was a clerk cut attack that Williams's down the middle of the ice rhythmic tries to take away the Powell razz did not move. That is the side of a goaltender that is totally control of his game. Because there's a lot of goaltenders in that instance that would guess pass on the play because all who is so wide open. He didn't guess modern gay goaltender glove wide open. He holds it up blocks the space makes a safe. They saw the left of Rask. Charlie Coyle for Boston WalMart, for the hurricane fluency troll for the Whiteside. Connor clipped skates the center cross the red line in a hurricane Tony shoots. Save off the left tackle any centered, with tip await kept in by John wall to the takeaway and cleared out by Carolina all the way down on goal rats. Stop. Covers up with Warren Fogel bearing down on him loose snow shower from Fogel to the goaltender. Take a little bit of accepted. Nothing breaks out, fifty seven on by the second period. No score. The game that lasted tempt almost works out if not for the stick of corporate cliff that he just got a touch on it. And that's why it went all the way to rouse. I mentioned in the first bridge Burke, as look for that stretch pass it was there stick position the break it off boil against the keg, the life of Rask on the face off one by McKay played along the boards by Cronin skates up to the blue line winds around behind the net guard Steinman Olenin on the boards to the right corner, up to the right point long track of Clifton quarter. Plaguing feet, by the hurricanes would knock down by crude grew gets away from one man. Fires it up the hand dot com. Berlin, captain white Carolina McCague, but it was whistled down right hand pass. And you hear the reaction of the crowd.

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