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Radio this is the first snow for energy radio canada's best of scotland what's there has really funny joke a woman with overweight problems in a german doctor scott in worcester go ahead their scotts stereotypes triggered he three two one muzzled scott was thrown somebody the morning john and ryan i gotta find it catch what you said that you set the ira club what is what they love no man show was talking about what the irish don't like and the food they don't like is rahman noodles with chicken broth regulating the irish do love they what they love their own meal and they love their mulligan too but you know i gotta tell you something i ca car we up because i like you but i want also boot rating i hope at it our radio show but i wanna i wanna tell you that if they want to carry the very important i got a joke quarry i no profanity go clearly racist scott not at all not at all not at all this is this is proud woman 500 com really really big and fat so he's desperate to lose weight go german dark what can i do for you might be a doctor i'm so bad i can't take it anymore i have a new technology new medical fire i hope you what by quote crowded other dog tried do i you know you go maga how are you do what my all year after year we operate it because i with code pink we operation costa was off smoke later put up jumping up and down an 'upanddown up and down to talk to you one it wasn't bad but i give you a an a plus plus for delivery you couldn't composed himself for the whole joke are joke good though i did like if what the set up the delivery i thought was fantastic because i couldn't stop laughing quipped my putter with quality.

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