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And they get Dan Bailey. Who's brought in the most accurate kicker in the NFL history. Kind of a stupid question. I missed the punch a really critical kicks just like zinc in Zola's did and he was released by the Browns. They signed kicker. Greg Joseph giants center John jalapeno suffers fractures to his lower leg and ankle in the loss to the Cowboys surgery. His seasons obviously over here is giants head coach Pat Shurmur on a conference call yesterday looked at usually these guys look at film, and now you kind of make the correction, so what did you learn after that after watching the tape? I don't I don't have really anything new. That was pretty much. He didn't say anything. Anyway. After the game. He said after the tape right now. Nothing. We have nothing, you know, who played well and who didn't nothing to add. Here was Eli with Mike. He says we are all at fault about learning from it does not about getting down. Or did you did save? Everybody's yelling at the offensive line. He goes, we all have a part in it. It's not just the offense of line me. The receivers the running backs everybody. The offense was giving him some tips on what to do to help out that offensive line. Was that your? Max protects. Throw it out the match protect. He like goes. Well, maybe my look. Look. You might have to do to keep someone else. And you might have to do about some of these guys, you know, so. Doling out advice dealing during. Turns the abbey like. What do you live course handles? He's like, well, I mean, we'll we'll look into some of those things. The eagles clear Carson Wentz. He will start Sunday at home against the colts in Tampa. Jameis Winston is one more game to serve his suspension before returning. Here is the Sean Jackson NFL network. He would not be in favor of removing Fitzpatrick anytime soon. Kind of saying no, you can't take. Fire right now, he's got the hot fire. Sean Jackson can Jameis Winston has been thrown over my head since I've been here, and he can't seem to find how to get the ball. And this guy is just dropping it in the basket, man. Just LeBron there. He also said something I think our once brought this up, you know, what the big screens like in stadiums players ever, actually. Yeah. He says here he said that yesterday on the first task play Jumbotron fist coming.

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