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The New Year is all about making improvements in your life. So here's an easy way to do. Just that make your world sound better with the power of Sonos. I personally use sonos speakers all all over as a home theater or simply streaming from spotify or apple music while I cook they sound amazing and are super easy to set up. They also recently launched another speaker. It's called the Sonos move. It's a portable smart speaker. You can bring with you indoors out. It's waterproof and even has automatic tuning technology to optimize the sound in any environment government dot com to learn more. You're listening to twenty thousand Hertz. And the Seinfeld is one of the most successful sitcoms of all time during the nine years that it ran Seinfeld had millions of viewers. It won ten EMMYS. He's three Golden Globes and it's cast become Superstars Seinfeld ended over twenty years ago. But it's still very much alive. It has a huge obsessive fan base. Ace minutes still gets referenced all the time it's theme song that we're hearing right now was unlike any theme song that came before it or is come after. And there's a pretty interesting backstory that you probably don't know behind that Wacky Slap Bass but before we get into it. I need to tell you about my friend Steve. My Name's Steve Lack back and I am. Hey Post production audio mixer and sound designer. Steve and I worked together years ago when we were both sound designers at the discovery channel. I consider Dallas thousand one of my best friends. I really love Dallas. We were both the night shift guys and we both come in around. Six o'clock. nightshift is generally unsupervised. So you come in and you get your assignments you work on your mixes you work on your work. And then when you feel like taking a break take a break to give you a picture of what Steve's like he's the type of person who's lived one hundred. The different lives like the time. He was a circus drummer and got into a fistfight with a clown or the time. He dropped everything and moved to Trinidad or the time he was doing things he shouldn't have been doing in a parking garage that collapsed hours later in the Northridge Earthquake. Yeah Steve is easily one of my favorite people in the world so I would wander over to his suite or he he wandered over and my sweet and we talked politics or the events of the day or sound design or whatever but we got to be pretty good friends because we had several hours hours of quiet time and night where we just hang out and chat during one of those random late nights st told me about the time he worked on Seinfeld. Wait what so apparently in the late eighties and early nineties. He'd been an assistant to a TV composer named Jonathan Wolf. When I first moved to la I was seventeen years old old? And that's Jonathan. He's composed the music for seventy five. TV shows including will and grace married with children. And who's the boss but no one becomes a major not composer overnight. Jonathan spent his first decade in. La doing musical odd jobs and making connections the studios. Were happy to have me. They treated me like a Swiss Swiss army multipurpose utility tool for musical chores. Because I had good training in a wide range of fields but after ten in years Jonathan was ready for a change. I decided that I no longer wanted to continue having the telephone dictate to me where where I was going to work each day and what I was going to do when I got there so I declared myself a composer. Jonathan wrote letters to all of his Hollywood contacts. He thanked them for their support. But ask them to stop sending him these low level musical jobs instead. He wanted to compose original music. Zach this was a huge risk. It's like an actor who had only ever had bit parts deciding that they'll only accept lead roles from now on Jonathan. Knew he might regret it but he mailed those letters anyway. I held my breath. I may have just nuked last ten years of my life. But when when those letters started arriving at their destinations all over Hollywood people just shrugged and said well. That's too bad. He's good utility guy and they started throwing me little writing assignments. songwriting assignments further movies in scoring assignments. In that is how my composing posing career began. This is around the time that Steve got hooked up with Jonathan. He landed. WHO's the boss? And he was doing some other after school specials and starting to really take off as a TV composer news looking for somebody to help out with Midi tack engineering some orchestration in transcriptions setting gear. And all that stuff. I wore many hats. Gradually more and more jobs started coming in we were doing. Who's the boss did some? WHO's the boss spin off shows? Mother sitcoms but getting connected with Jerry. Jerry Seinfeld happened almost by chance turns out in real life. Jerry has a best friend named George. It's George Wallace Comedian what makes me sick. People saying stupid stuff off their piloting unmanned say to me my wife on until I saw you the George Wallace and I have been buddies for a long long time and when Jerry Seinfeld confided confided to his best friend George Wallace that he was having trouble with the music for his new show Wallace said. Hey Call my buddy wolf and so I got a phone call from Jerry Seinfeld. He described to me a sound design issue. Oh he told me that the music for his new show which at the time was called the seinfeld chronicles the opening credits for that show would would be jerry standing in front of an audience. He tells jokes. Oscar Mayer is expanding. His Larry. It's not little anymore is Oscar. Mayer is now a huge monstrous place that area that whole section near keeps getting bigger and for him is not easy to come up with new products that come up with a new product. He has to invent meet no animal as far as I know people laugh. That's the opening credits. And he wanted music music to go with it and I told them right away. That sounds like an audio conflict because what we really need to hear. Is You telling jokes folks deibel laughing. You See TV theme music. Leading into Seinfeld where these epic belting lyrical odes like golden girls a team family ties as Dukes of Hazzard or my personal favorite has eighties. Kid transformers.

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