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Down straw mix and had 9 cares for thirty seven yards and a touchdown aj green had five receptions hundred and fifteen yards and one touchdown amber brandon the fell also had a good game six receptions 95 yards and a touchdown marcus mary oda two hundred sixty four yards one touchdown winner interception dimarco murray finally woke up fourteen carries forty two yards three total tdc also at four sections for thirty yards through and delaney walker had 6 receptions for sixty three yards minnesota making me eat my words they won against washington thirty eight to thirty case kina had three hundred and four yards four touchdowns two interceptions potatoes murray had 17 carry sixty yards and a touchdown adam bielan got to start giving him more props he's out one of the better receivers in league he had eight receptions one hundred sixty six yards and a touchdown kurt cousins had three hundred twenty seven yards one touchdown winner interception perina pariah n not sure to pronounce out either the running back from washington he had 9 character 35yard stimpson crowder had four receptions for seventy six ars and vernon davis had seven receptions for seventy six years also some uh minnesota came out to win a now and obviously let's see the rams they beat up on another team houston went into la got destroyed the rams one that 133 seven earth yeah thirty three to seven tom savage had went eighteen of thirty six passing the ball two hundred and twenty one yards one touchdown two interceptions lamar miller had 11 carries for sixty yards down tree hawkins at another big game seven receptions and a hundred eleven yards i'm sure is fantasy owners are taking a deep uh let's see thi brad deep breath because of how well he's been playing since watson came out jr golf has been biden everyone up so far this season he had three hundred fifty five yards and three touchdowns todd girlie hata levin carriage sixty six sixty eight yards six receptions and sixty eight yards receiving also saw good game overall for him no touchdowns by what can you say robber woods the la coliseum king he had eight receptions one hundred seventy one yards and two touchdowns dallas went into atlanta we're gonna talk about dallas in the last segment to they really really really let me donald's talking up dot com.

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