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Made is the official podcast documenting the making of don't look up. The new film now on Netflix. Out now, on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Okay, Tony, we did the easy part. Disagree with us, but we did the easy part. So of course, you're on the clock. It's the Sacramento Kings. And I just want to share an anecdote here. We got to start and maybe I've got a little bit of something against the kings because I'm from Kansas City and they left years ago and went to Sacramento. But we're looking at 16th year in a row missing the playoffs right now. And I had a general manager tell me that before the season, the kings front office thought that not only were they a playoff team this year, they thought they were a contending team this year and were upset that the prognosticators whoever those are that do the preseason rankings did not have them in the top four in the west wow. The delusions run deep. In Sacramento, it's been a disaster. They've actually drafted okay, tyrese Halliburton, dear and Fox, Davey and Mitchell coming off the bench, defensively, with a little bit of a surprise. You know, Harrison Barnes is good. There's talent there. Again, I think this is a team that we probably see very active at the trade deadline. I'm not sure whatever team's team we're looking at right now. It will not be a Sacramento king pass. Buddy hill Marvin Bagley is another guy. Maybe even Harrison Barnes. We might see gone towards the trade deadline. They're desperate to make the playoffs. So maybe they won't end up at 5, but I'm questioning whether they're going to make the playoffs this year. But if they're at 5, we've talked about the four consensus guys and I think for most people, those are the four consensus guys. So blank slate, Tony, who's your guy in Sacramento at 5? You see me rubbing my hands together, right? 'cause this is where I usually drama. This is why I usually drop a bomb. So you ready for this? I'm so excited. Who's the next great hill, Tony? I'm taking Kindle Brown. Okay, that's not it. That's not a big reason. But he wasn't even on the board before this year. Yeah. You're right. You're right. He's having a great freshman breakout year. Tell us why Kendall Brown. I actually really like this pick for a second. Okay. 6 foot 9 two O 5, two way wing. Those do not grow on trees, right? It's the reason why if you're the Chicago Bulls you hang up if the Detroit Pistons ask you for Patrick Williams, like you say, thanks for no thanks. Take Kobe white. And we'll give you two first round picks and you give me Jeremy grant. But I am not giving you Patrick quince, right? Okay. Isaac a coral can not shoot a lick, okay? But he is making a difference in Cleveland. Just off of his sheer athleticism and his ability to defend, right? His ability to cut. He's actually a really good cutter. So he cuts really well. I get to the basket. He defends. He's got an NBA body. Lamar Stevens. Can't shoot a lick. But he is making a difference because he can defend and he does the right things offensively and he plays off of guys. So what is the lesson here, fellas? That ladies and gentlemen, you can never have enough wings who can defend who are athletic and Kimball Brown from my money is a better prospect at the same stage than Isaac or crawl because he's shown his jump shot is not consistent yet, but he has shown up his jump shot has upside and he's a better score than people realize. And he's a very, very good. Good passer, too, actually. Really great feel for the game. That's actually one thing that really pops for him. Yeah. Pops off the screen for me. I'm a big bet Kendall Brown fan. I was thinking about Johnny Davis, just because of how good he's been this year. And because for me, Johnny Davis doesn't have a lot of weakness in his game. But, you know, I mean, I cover a team right now in the Utah Jazz that could use Kendall Brown. Perfect, yeah. Or you turn Jones or use Jaden McDaniels. You know, you just get those guys with length and athleticism. And if they have a feel for the game, they shoot right up to the top of the board, almost instantaneously, and you see it every year. We've seen this for a couple of years running two years ago, it was Isaac crawl. And Patrick Williams. Scotty Barnes last year, Devon vasel like the year before that. You know, you get any of those guys 6 6 to 6 9 who are athletic, who can shoot the ball, can handle the ball can defend. Those guys are going to the top of the board. So I'm taking Kevin Brown number 5. Can totally live with that. I agree with everything that you said about him right now. I would have taken him 6. To San Antonio, and I think he's a San Antonio player all the way, but I like him in Sacramento for the fact too that this is a terrible defensive team. They start to turn the corner with Davey and Mitchell. In the draft and adding him to the mix, certainly I like that. There is one wing that I like better. And this is a little bit of a risk, but AJ Griffin out of duke is a guy that the more I watch him, the more he reminds me of a young Jimmy Butler. NBA body really tough kid is shot the lights out in duke, which is the one thing that I think gives him a little bit of an advantage over Kindle. But I think Kendall brown's a little twitchier of an athlete and has got the size. Advantage over AJ, but the shooting definitely, I think goes in Griffin's favor. He's only going to be 18 and a little bit over 18 and a half on draft night. And I think this is one of those cases where because of injuries and high school, the last couple of years and then he misses pro day for duke with yet another injury, kind of fell off scouts, radar screens a little bit, but now that he's starting to get consistent minutes, he's moved back into duke's starting lineup right now. And he's never going to be the focal point of that team with Paulo Ben Caro and all the weapons that they have at duke. But he's another guy kind of like Kendall Brown, he pops whenever he's on the floor. And I really love him. And I think these guys to me are kind of like 5 and 6. On my board. So you'll take Kendall brown 5, I'll take AJ Griffin 6. I may have switched the order on interesting what you think about AJ.

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