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You've also been negotiating with now former special counsel Muller has he agreed to come in voluntarily is there a date by which if he does not, you would subpoena him. Well, we're carrying on conversations with him. And he will come in. And if we have to subpoena him, we will. Would that be saved by the end of the summer doesn't come in? I would think it would be way before that way before that by the end of June. I'm not gonna come in. I don't know. Okay. So way before the end of summer, but he's not commenting on the end of June, which after all is only what seventeen eighteen days away. So I'm guessing July probably July. It's about time bring him in. There is other news going on today, for instance. Thousands of protesters blocked entry to Hong Kong's government headquarters yesterday and pretty much brought central Hong Kong to a standstill delaying a legislative session on a proposed extradition Bill that has heightened fears over greater Chinese control and erosion of civil liberties in Hong Kong, which is a semi autonomous territory. Police responded to the protests by firing rubber bullets and teargas. Critics say the Bill will make anyone in Hong Kong susceptible to being grabbed and sent to mainland China for political reasons. They also say it undermines Hong Kong semi-autonomous legal system. Yeah. Chinese officials say the Bill just plugged, some loopholes in the country's extradition law. Right. It should be noted that the anniversary of the uprising at Tiananmen Square just was just this week. It was like, what forty or? A lot of years ago, and China blocked, CNN blocked. All, you know, all coverage of what happened at Tiananmen Square from being shown to the people in China. You know, things are bad here. Just lets you know how much worse they could be all right. We still have a couple of minutes before it's time to call Tom Hartman on, I don't want to call him early. There is actually a one more story shoot. I thought I copied it over, but I didn't let me see if I can remember enough, the Trump administration. You know keeps. Rounding up migrants. We've heard all about it, right. What you may not have heard. Is there are now looking at using the facilities that were used as Japanese internment camps during World War Two? To house, some of these migrants who come here, seeking asylum, and are turned into criminals by the Trump administration. Amazing. I'll tell you what before we get to. Thom Hartmann, let me play for you. Just another clip of Bernie Sanders from earlier today, when he talks about the reality of the situation where now living today we have a demagogue in the White House who for cheap political gain is attempting to deflect the attention of the American people away from the real crises that we face. And instead is doing demagogues always do. And that is to divide people up and legislate hatred. This is a president who supports brutal family separation. Yup. Bought a walls, Muslim bans anti LGBT policies deportations and voter suppression. It is my very strong belief that the United States must reject. Checked that path of hatred and the business and instead, find the moral conviction to choose a different path a higher path a path of compassion, Justice and love. Sounds good to me. I cut down the applause..

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