Senator John Mccain, Chris, Sarah Palin discussed on H3 Podcast - #10 - Jake Paul, Lance Stewart & Jerry Seinfeld (Top of the Month)


We were talking about you know senator john mccain he was at the the komi hearing the fbi director hooker and he had like us he like couldn't talk on local youths having a stroke on camera who's really sat his completely senile oh i don't fit he did i don't think he had a stroke but he was like completely incoherent so them we gone to this thing about crystal palin because i am chris he was running with sarah palin then i got into this whole thing about them her daughter so were following the threat so this is crystal palin and the i still palin talking about safe sex with the situation so it's look here damn shouting well excuse me miss if you have adt is situation with the official situation esprit like him he has only find now i i find it i'm the years that he's willing to portray himself like that can only be goes from one has the right to another no dates love our using as have you ever five after all the girls i fought i love he said just as regards i love this country excuse me oh snap palin you telling oh snappy palin everybody knows me paola girls actually falcon outline come on i mean if those words don't work i got the situation there i hope you're is committed to save thanks to see aren't as apps i know you're all about was with that jewelry by the way it is very very pires pretty wild very vampire ask little garlic on those atop a good all at that vampire outfit.

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