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The coffee shops But it's yeah it's not like it's very it's it's different than like drinking. It's not as open and everything and i think A lot of dodge people are more irritated by tourists in amsterdam who are very loud and do all the things you can say you can say. Yeah we know who you're own worry. It's not only americans magin that we are providing we are amongst the more annoying to imagine. I don't even know if that's the case three on his also. I'm not for incident though. I couldn't say i like talked to few people who are and they haven't really poked. Think i think germans are pretty irritating as well. I was well. I will tell you this. I was wondering honest. It sounds like in a way that not all americans are especially irish. Catholics like me. We tend to bite are thugs. I tell you when i went to like i do remember once There's beautiful train that was built between the two world. Wars has like light blue and it goes across the country and they leave all the doors open and you can see dangling at the street tree and going through all these farms and this amusing off and there was a german man who stood air in one of the doorways for the entire trip with his with his headphones and listening like blasting delays. Here for our dr coulter and yeah you could feel a lot of people and i don't know that this was because he was a german person but i do feel. I think a lot of people are going to hit somebody else. Get a chance because you've kind of you've been standing in the doorway for hours in like a lot of other people would like to take a few minutes to soak this all in. I don't know that it's because of him being german. But i've had at least n experience with german tourist. That echoes your opinion. And i look forward to our callers. I also have lovely german friends. That i love with all my heart so and i i wanna come in germany. I keep hearing that. The cities in germany are probably some of the greatest. Art hubs in the world. Right now and i wanna i wanna i wanna go. Try doing comedy. Americans stand up comedy germany. I think it would be amazing. Yeah i'm very interested in how that would go because i know that That's i don't know we have our own kind of comedy and to be honest. I like british comedy a lot more than dutch comedy But yeah i'm very curious. How how did germans are comedy. I don't know that well. I know i wanna give a shout out. There was a very good friend of mine. One of my dear friends who did comedy with in college was hired for A dutch comedy group called boom chicago. okay what you went to amsterdam and performed and became like sort of a celebrity in amsterdam like his face was on the side of buses that that was cool comedy culture comedy over there. Yeah that is cool. Do you call it holland or the netherlands. The netherlands holland is part of balance like We have twelve focuses uh and two of them are holland's so one north holland the other one is that asylum but all the more famous places are in holland so it has why most people say they go to harlem. Yeah and then. We touched on the sex work which you said. Some people don't like i'll tell you here's what i do like about. It is that it means people can keep an eye on the health aspects the public aspects. And the thing that i really appreciate is when you read stories of human trafficking. I would say it's probably one of the worst things that's happening on the globe. Right now is the stories of what happens when people falling into the hands of human traffickers. So the idea that you decriminalize something. In a way that undercuts And that that. I like because that's modern slavery. If you go read up on that you'll read about it for about twenty minutes and go. Oh yeah if there's anything we can do to stop this. It should be done so anyway. Yeah it's it's horrible. And i know that even within like legalize six in the street or still some problems because sometimes it's you know people get manipulated. It's hard to see which girls are who really want to be there and who don't and So there's even question off. Maybe she made like a government thing like should we make it like like an institute of the government so that is going to be even more blake regulated in that way right. It's interesting times interesting thoughts. Yeah but there is a dark side. You say it's not it's not all it's not all it's not sort of like the hippie counterculture wonderland we presume with the liberalism. No i think i think part of it is I you know. The whole immigration story of europe is a lot of people are afraid I think in every euro country. Almost that they're gonna lose their culture. Have and i know that it goes of that a like. There's this this bring racism like for other cultures going on for people just being very afraid. Just got and it's it's scary in our country because on one hand were open and we want to and that's like the front that'd be like the on the other hand people are rate so it becomes his very lake. People don't know that they're actually not being opening kind. You know thing. So people's fear kind of gives them a myopic view of things where they don't even realize that there may be falling into a track that's more.

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