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Are we just dip. Dj wrong to build it. Was these roth john cochran. Hey john over the fan radio good morning to you. It was creamy in the nineties. Who do you have to dip slip. Ran out of debt over here. You got me to enjoy your creamy barbecue. Nellie right is here good natalie. How are you this morning. Show is in the building. Good morning dray. How're you today. The shohei joe's it's in the building. Good one a short tricky lewis. He's convinced it's an sex demon that got you. That's how's it. That's the problem. Any flavored knows regular. Yeah my little flavor this weekend. You know Angel audrey jackson the building. Hey audrey good boiler to you chocolate. I have no chocolate. Dipped trump was. There was a creamy green tasty. Very tasty tiffany click here. Good morning. Tiffany how are you today a marcus. Mr wani moldy. jonah's building. good morning. Markus how are you today. Diane hoh diane hall is in the building good morning. Diane turner is here. Hey natalie good morning nicole harris. Hello nicole good morning to you out to see what up charles. How good morning nathan. You is here hating it. There you'd battery time. S is in the building. Good one valerie. How are you today. Maria a policy is here. Hello maria thank you for tuning in Welcome to the show. Please let us know. How did you hear about the show and shares zia warranty your family and friends. We would appreciate that peachy cream is in the building. Hey peachy morning now romar. Oh johnson is here. Hey row row. Good morning to you. The kwait is in the building. Y'all y'all say. Good morning to diane at louis. Good morning trade. Pinker this here. Hey girl the show a b x. it's in the building. what's up the shorn prentice cash. Come on miss robinson. Hey maybe how you feel apprentice. Let us know call him. The very mathis is here. Hey to burn burn methods. Yeah the beautiful. Wild saint jago chevrolet in the building. What's up up. Good morning angel johnson. They say okay. Well i have written down. She need those high. Because you pray for you showing. So she gets a double. I might even get you girl. Okay now so on him. Was something a song. Good morning to you richard. Constantine richard thank you for tuning in. We appreciate your watch and he is from for his future that right now. Yeah good trump. No god bless you. Listen you are now officially our ambassador and trinidad you. Get all of trinidad's trinidadians trinidadians out there. Listening to this. Show my good friend and then when we come on down and we're gonna show you some love. Audrey sean needed you to call it and pray for him because he was going through something. He watched scary movie last night in. Who is in a row and guys as no then then then lovely lady got up here noise and then i walked and i walked out the house and it was young black girl walking down the block. A hands spread out this singing. Some kind of weird song walked right by my house. As i came out the house down by my plan tricks her. That's what you give a watch. I don't watch it. The are you saying that. I'm we're seeing things. Yeah no i'm saying you know you're self conscious has a way of keeping up all your. That's why i need a professional now..

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