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The store grew to over a hundred and eighty in the course of six decades after a fourteen hours standoff a deadly one of that appear kitted gunman is found day informed the barricaded goodman did guibert felt conflicted gunshot wound we female now did treated quite what we thought was your old wounded earlier which had it all again off exchange shot albeit upper a gunshot wound with all bit receipt nonlife threatening injuries detroit police say that those injuries were minor police say the gunman identified as fortynineyearold land smith got into an argument with a girlfriend and that's what started the standoff the stock market staging a big comeback after it's worse weaken two years here's correspondent claire sebastian on the reason why this is the makings of a bought a we think the market is oversold we think now is the time when people are gonna come back at that does that mean the volatility is over that we're going to go back to calm seas no but i think people are starting to realize the the correction happened the fundamentals is still strong and now might be the time to come in and pick up bargains and the dow closed up today the dow was up four hundred and ten points the nasdaq was up one o7 currently we have twenty six degrees i'm marie osborne wjr news this out there in the american role in the scholar so what is it gonna be oh smurfs lina in handle marathon fueling the.

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