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Jose it's eight o'clock this is cbs news on the hour presented by grasshopper i'm pam coulter search and rescue operations continue with the collapse pedestrian bridge at miami's florida international university miami dade police department director juan perez this is going to be a long long process because to get through that rubble and you know the pieces of concrete they're laying there he's not going to be an easy task there are four confirmed deaths and at least nine people were injured cbs's manuel bojorquez at the scene the main section that hung over the street is what collapsed there are parts of the bridge here to still be teetering on the collins that supported it on the sidewalks but the middle part of it is is what is collapsed it's almost like a v shape the trump administration seems to be taking a tougher line on russia and today president trump commented on the poisoning of former russian spy in his daughter and britain something that you've never ever happened and would take it at very seriously as i think are many others the administration also blamed russia for a series of cyber attacks that intelligence officials say penetrated us electric and water services among other systems sanctions were slapped on a number of russian cbs's jeff peg as a camp of experts who believe that sanctions are a good deterrent it is something that proven over time vladimir putin certainly does not like however you will be hard pressed to find anyone who believes that these sanctions alone are enough to stop these russian attacks there are multiple reports that president trump has decided to house national security advisor hr mcmaster and is already discussing replacement cbs's jeff mccausland there's been widespread rumors from the very onset did he and the president clash at times over certain policy issues and the president time found hr's manner with him somewhat condescending in a tweet white house press secretary sarah sanders said she spoke to both the president and mcmaster who have a good working relationship and there are no changes in the nfc a very rosy forecast for us employment cbs's jason brooks first time.

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