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The kid knows because our interns are leaving next week and as a formerly man gave said to me in the kitchen as he was he heating one of his nine breakfasts this all morning he said when we to go i don't know i don't know what i'm going to do without it yes what he said i was going to go i said pangs since addictive isn't it yeah he'll have which are all a pang addictive so bruce boetsch he came into the doug adam was so kind to come right up to our interns a required my pointed out quite mike and he said you're going to ask me a question today in the kid you know clearly there was a there was a stain down in the gene maybe a gulp wisdom sell though and then we also jet of urine and other side of his pants then we we go ahead and go to the a little it and that's a that's a little testosterone fest there when the beat writer gather around bodo he gets up at his little perch area but if it's about you you have to cede ground to the beat riders your schoeman's your bag is your half's your pavlovich you gotta let them talk first showman do they're gonna throw this out there to the bunch to 'cause i know all of art i would assume most of our listeners reach schaumann we all do we we appreciate his efforts the guy i i got a whole new take all showman yesterday murph because he started the boji conversation just looking like showman and then halfway through i look away in a look back now he's in his leather or if you caught that leather all you too good look for sean i think i'm looking at them in a whole different way now well you look at a whole different way as put to the test university illinois junior and former saint francis lancer mike quiet mike piped up and said now that marked lance is close to come and back what are your plans on sam dyson success as the closure in verses milan since readiness and i'm reading now my chronicle page b five giants beat by henry showman lied dyson makes closure case paragraph four poly i refer.

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