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Explains why you had more money you didn't know about here you get it you guys get this financial think the two i know exactly i was like a technically 'em say like that was the excuse our to where is that why you chose japan too because it worked out in the ah the la route or was there something specific about japan that you'd always wanted to experience i for a good portion my life has or have always been interested in japan i would say probably the seat of that kind of goes to my childhood of pokomo amman and getting hindu anna volume so that was definitely a very good gateway into japan and learn about japan um so as cautious over time from that since i was like 9 of like learn more and more about japan um outside even just pop culture that i just got more and more interested in it and i did start with the basic thing of like i want to travel outside outside of the county alone where do i want to go to do that for the first time and i literally i think i did open up gluco mhep's and then just i looked at the map of the world resumed all the way out els dislike where do i am hunted go and last night at us he did appeal v satellite i didn't like wish list basically i didn't do like google earth like i didn't get too far like just even become an astronaut he added decisionmaking pariahs um but he i would have now this is a this is a mythical thing to do a really is ill it's it you'll elian dougal maps undisciplined out as far as hell ever done that what what a through a dark with something i absolutely love to do and i've never taken action on this uh is i mean everybody i'm j anybody's ever had a globe has done their thing where used in the globe in like a wounded cold war of the will finger rule the globe and we're overall land on bogou young uh water in a all right here on on in the ocean paul law but the idea that you did it with an intention to follow through.

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