Uber, Jack Stewart, President Trump discussed on Morning Edition


The Commerce Department sent a report to President Trump over the weekend that could trigger new auto tariffs. And if those happen, it would likely have a big affect on German automakers that to say the Dax in Germany is down a tenth of a percent right now about fifteen points. The footsie in London is mostly flat right now. US markets are closed for president's day. But there is still news out of New York. Uber is suing the city over a law that limits. The company's business the law capped the number of four higher vehicle licenses. Uber says the move is unconstitutional. And meanwhile, Uber is joining some big names in the plane and helicopter world proposing a network of air taxis, which could whisk passengers up and across cities in minutes. Marketplace's Jack Stewart reports if you're imagining flying 'cause like those in Bladerunner twenty forty nine. You don't file Rome. But this fictional world could become real in Los Angeles and the Dallas area by twenty twenty three. Our vision is that we'll have a network of sky ports in urban areas. And we'll have a new class of aircraft operating. Eric Allison is head of Uber's aviation program. The ridesharing company wants to out a flight option to its app. Allowing users to book one of four seats in affectively giant electric drones. That will someday fly up over the gridlock. We can get the price per seat mile on their craft down to Uber acts like pricing, which in the US is somewhere around a dollar fifty per mile, depending on the market. There's nothing Sifi about. This says Jim Gregory director of the aerospace research center at a higher state university. Oh, certainly this is very real you their companies investing a lot of funds in making this happen, including Boeing Airbus and bell the plan will need approval from the FAA, but the agency will likely move slower than. Silicon Valley disrupt as a I'm Jack Stewart for marketplace..

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