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Has been pushing hard for governor solution more stay at home restrictions at the same time the U. S. coronavirus death rate is nearing another grim milestone of ninety thousand people antibody testing starting today for those on the front lines of the crown arise pandemic we hear about often the reasons Kristin marks mayor de Blasio says it'll start with fire department members the antibody tests which likely will tell if someone has already had corona virus will be made available in hospitals firehouses police stations and corrections facilities a hundred forty thousand of our heroes will get tested it's voluntary the mayor says the antibody tests will be good for the workers but also help the city as part of a broader study with covert nineteen meanwhile testing for other new Yorkers continues to expand to Blasio says the city has met its goal of being able to do twenty thousand corona virus tests per day I'm Kristin marks for seventy seven WABC news five people are dead following a horrific crash in north Jersey last night to tell some W. C. surly castle they were killed when an SUV crashed into a construction vehicle on route three in Rutherford at about eleven PM police say the car hit the front loader near the ridge road exit right near MetLife stadium one of the five victims is reportedly a child the Bergen county prosecutor's office was at the crash scene for hours the road was shut down but real and at six thirty this morning I'm certainly counselor for seventy seven W. A. B. C. news White House aides holding out hope the economy will bounce back strong enough that another infusion of perhaps trillions of dollars are not be necessary instead there may be a call for the president for targeted relief Democrats may have approved another three trillion dollars in stimulus last Friday night leaving it prints to languish in the Senate the White House and the to do is to wait and see if there is need for another round of relief economic adviser Kevin Hassett possible.

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