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Second lane on Saturday is going to make things better. But we don't want people to get lulled into a false sense of security. And Sunday we hit and we're down to a single lane. That could make things really rough. If people are not prepared if people are not planning to do other things four or 5 99 remain the primary alternates during this closure. Now there is a chance that this work could be postponed. If the weather gets wet. We heard Nick Allard earlier this hour. Say we might get a couple of Sprinkles towards the end of the week. Maybe not enough to Postponed this, but we will definitely keep you up to date and now to the new lines that are going to appear. Where are those? All right? We got one here in the Seattle area and then one a little bit further South. I'm going to start with the new North W H O V lane between DuPont and New Lakewood that has now opened. That's all part of this JBL M project there. So that gives HIV drivers another 4.5 miles of lane to use the South found HIV lane. And that same stretch of road is supposed to open in August Now is found. I 90 drivers have a new auxiliary lane between East Gate and Lake Not remember. They've been working on that for the last year or so, maybe two years. This is a nearly two miles Being built on the right shoulder that basically connects the two ramps there between East Gate and you know what's like Samantha's Parkway. It provides a lot more room to merge between the exits, which should cut down on the congestion. The westbound Auxiliary lane is still under construction, and it should open in the fall. But we've got a little bit more pavement to use. In any little bit helps. Yeah, I wonder what that project was that has been going on for a long time. So Yeah. Is the bike lane part of that too? Well, though they like what you saw in Factorial certainly there because they built that ramp, so you don't interact with the cars there on the trail getting off at Factorial. So that's all kind of part of this whole thing, But what they did is they built up the shoulder for the freeway. So, no, I mean no bikes on the freeway. But they, uh they did connect part of the trail there at least through Factorial. OK? And last month you were talking about this The good to go. Website outage..

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