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Band you has paid tribute to anthony bourdain during u2's performance at the apollo feeder in new york city you singer bono dedicated the song stuck in a moment you can't get out of to anthony bourdain who was found dead of an apparent suicide in france last week von noted that a lot of inspiring useful people gave up on their own lives he alluded to musicians chris cornell and chester bennington and fashion designer kate spade bano says bourdain was a great storyteller who had stories he could not tell us the song was inspired by inaccessible or michael hutchence who died of an apparent suicide in one thousand nine hundred seven i'm archie zaraleta john travolta was in brooklyn today attending ceremonies on a day named in his honor via then took place at lenny's pizza made famous by travolta's movies saturday night fever i feel like brooklyn it's been in my dna since since welcome back kotter i love you also very much thank you for giving me such a foundation for my career revolt also promoted his new film gotti which opens on friday wbz news time ten fifty three joe faces look the voice of jerry hopkins a prolific music journalist who co wrote a million selling biography of the doors you're listening to their died of the age of.

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