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Really incompetent he accomplishes nothing he has with him alex west it's hysterical to me we have angelina jolie putting on a very good british act said than than we have daniel craig putting running really bad american accent that's why i asked if she was british in the game serb bizarre but a really weird choice to make that checks position for nor is but he isn't as good as she says he isn't going to do it either now imagine this lara croft doesn't here o'clock in the middle of the night like the princess and the p who halfway across her mansion something starts ticking as she immediately knows it's time to renovate by breaking down a wall and finding o'clock guy she doesn't do that the key is never found nothing ever happens she doesn't lead anyone anywhere the illuminates fail and they have to wait five thousand more years oh yeah i definitely feel like she will be tasked with destroying the triangle by getting it out of obscurity you're better off leaving it in obscurity where it becomes more dangerous once she opens doors that allow them to get closer to this objective power but the reason why she even knows about it it's time to bring up the postmodern connection she has her father jon voight i think at this point they are not on speaking terms they politically have been on very opposite ends of most issues when they go public about their politics and he had been kind of out of the scene it it said that he disappeared a 1985 and i agree i and seen as actor since runaway train in 1985 well he done mission impossible in the nineties sort of yeah okay that's really where he came back he started doing projects around that time again and they had their period of being while me outs and then they were reconciled and they really wanted to do a project together they did want to do this together yes because she doesn't have any scenes with him.

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