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You know we we did say that and it's it's it's been quite a metamorphosis because loyal of phoenix was the only one in the press conference for about twenty games this is we did all summer long we were like why not us and the opportunity in how much they invested in it this is not something where it's just started these guys have been investing for a long time on how hard they worked how hard they believed and we've kind of had this mantra about the process people ask me out there did you ever think you're going to the final four and to be honest with you wasn't efforts sunday we didn't say hey let's go to the final four we said all right what are we going to do big be by me and then the next day was then it was the next game and these guys have done an amazing job of just laser like focus on what's right in front of them instead of skipping steps but why not us is you have to have guys high character guys that believe to really truly truly do that ramblers improved to thirty two and five they match the lowest seeded team ever to get to the final four they joined lsu got there at eighty six george mason in two thousand six virginia commonwealth the two thousand eleven those other three all lost in the national semifinals as for the wildcats nice of their own they get to the elite eight but he has a state in their head coach bruce weber miss out on the national semifinal obviously disappointed for you know we had unbelievable opportunity you know i'm disappointed for our players have worked very hard to get to this point you don't get this opportunity very often you know disappointing for k state fans unbelievable fans you know maybe take the next step but also at the same time too so proud of our guys how hard they've worked how we've overcome so much through the year and did some special things it's hard to get it's hard to get to this spot right now a lot of sad face a lot of tears but you know i told them i appreciate them so much hats off to lie ola coach mosier unbelievable we put on the.

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