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I did not think we'll be reviewing this is one of the last year saying we liked it. So that's awesome. That a good time. Seeing it. Hey, Jason momoa. We'll actually now that you said that I actually don't hit that at all. No tattoos. Like, like, whatever way too. Big big way to what Overeen is supposed to be like five foot seven in the. Do you not Jack in the wolverine? I think he might have been the most muscular twin being of all time. Yeah. But he's not six five like Jason momoa is or I think Jason memo's 6-foot-5 because he looked like he's six foot five. He was shredded in the wolverine. But like memorial is gigantic in a different way. I mean, his Cal Drago your seen that series game of thrones seen series. Hugh Jackman six to chase memo's six four. All right. Looks more gigantic in okay? All right. We'll bring understand. Look, I just want them to go back to like a really short mandalit wolverine. So I could have a character. I can relate to. You want that you said you have that's like relentlessly positive like hall home cutter. Or Honey something fuck what's his name? Sage something shit, say cut. As we'll rain. What's up guys? Push you. And then came back Neto. Let's go. Gary v rain. Flip the adamant human. My phone's right now Five hundred hundred thousand thousand dollars. dollars. Superbowl, the rain go. Where's professor x flip them in a garage sale in suburban New Jersey? Whereas Whereas here. here..

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